How To Keep Mice Out Of A Camper

Here, we'll detail some easy but effective ways to keep mice out of your camper.

- The Rodent Guide


Tips For Keeping Mice Out Of Your Camper

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Any crumbs are an invitation for mice, and are one of the biggest attractants to your camper, so clean them up!



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Before starting with any repellents or traps, you should closely examine your camper for any holes or entry points. 

Entry Points


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Keep your food in very tightly sealed boxes, and if you have a refrigerator in your camper, keep your food there. 

Store Food


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A very clever hack that does a fantastic job preventing mice from entering your camper is using tubes made of thin metal sheets around your wheels.

Use Metal


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Soak cotton balls with peppermint oil and leave them around your camper, especially where there are any cracks or gaps. 



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If you already have a mouse inside your camper, you will need to use a mouse trap to get rid of it. 

Mouse Traps