5 Best Mouse Trap Options For Multiple Mice

Mice. Lots of them! The question ‘how do I get rid of mice‘ has never been so relevant, right? A mouse, sure, you can handle that, but MULTIPLE MICE?? What are the mouse trap options for multiple mice?

The good news is that there are tons of mouse traps out there that cater for multiple mice. Some will kill multiple mice per setting, and some simply catch multiple mice.

But, which ones do we recommend? After all, mice carry all kinds of nasty diseases, and the more mice you have, the more chance of contracting something bad.

In this post, I am going to give you the top 5 mouse trap options for catching multiple mice.

5 Awesome Multi Catch Mouse Trap Options

1. Victor Tin Cat

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Ths Tin Cat by Victor is my go-to mouse trap in the event of a multiple mouse issue.

Not only is it easy to use, easy to bait, and easy to set, but it is also caable of cathing up to 30 mice with each use.

Not only do I recommend the Tin Cat for catching multiple mice, but I also recommend that you have one set up around your home in the event that a mouse finds an entry point and sneaks in! These are child safe, and pet safe mouse traps too.

How many mice can this trap catch?

I mentioned it above, the answer is up to 30.

You never really know how many mice you have, which is why you need to opt for a mouse trap that has a high number of mice catches per session.

Having used the Tin Cat by Victor, I am more than happy to recommend it for your multiple mouse problem.

If you need more details regarding the Tin Cat mouse trap, then check out the review.

2. Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap

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The Victor multi-catch mouse trap is the best option to go for if you do not want to deal with live mice.

Why? Because this Victor trap delivers a humane, high voltage shock that kills the mice quickly. As far as electronic mouse traps go, Victor has the best options available.

How many mice can this trap catch?

This Victor multi-catch mouse trap is capable of catching up to 10 mice per setting, and is also capable of catching 150 mice on the same set of batteries!

Depending on how often this device catches mice, it is a trap that you will need to check every 3-4 days. When a mouse takes a walk into the trap, it will deliver a high voltage shock that has a 100% kill rate. That means after a few days the lingering smell of a dead mouse will begin to engulf the area! Getting rid of a dead mouse smell is not an easy task, so check the trap and dispose of the dead mice on a regular basis

3. Original Rolling Log Mouse Trap

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The original rolling log mouse trap is a little different than other multi-catch mouse traps available. First things first, this trap is not all you need. You will also need a 5-gallon bucket to catch the mice in, and a way for the mice to get onto the trap in the first place. These are in the form of 2 ramps up to the bucket.

Mice are excellent climbers, so traversing a couple of bits of wood will not be a problem!

How many mice can this trap catch?

This mouse trap is capable of catching many, many mice! How many mice can fit into a 5-gallon bucket? That is the answer…

Having said that, you will want to get rid of the live mice as soon as possible. It is not very humane keeping them in a bucket for days, right?

4. Multi-Catch Clear Top Humane Repeater Mouse Trap

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When looking at mouse trap options for catching multiple mice, I stumbled up this device, which is very similar to the Tin Cat (see the first trap on this page).

What is different? Sometimes, one of the best places to put a mouse trap is in a corner. This corner multi-catch mouse trap is perfect for those times!

Simply apply the mouse bait on the inside of the trap, and leave it in a corner of a room known to be frequented by mice.

How many mice can this trap catch?

You can catch up to 12 mice with this mouse trap, which makes it excellent for catching multiple mice. No other device is needed, only this trap, some tasty mouse bait, and time! This trap will catch mice, there is no doubt about that.

5. Plank Style Multi Catch Mouse Trap

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These ‘walk the plank’ mouse traps catch mice time and time again. The fact that they reset themselves after each capture means they are ready whenever the next mouse wants to be a pirate!

You do need more equipment to use these multi-catch mouse traps. You already have the traps, and 2 black walkways for the mice to climb. All you need now is a bucket for the mice to fall into, and you will have an awesome mouse trap that is capable of catching multiple mice!

How many mice can this trap catch?

The answer to this is the same as the rolling mouse trap above, it depends how many mice you can fit into the bucket.

Bear in mind, these mice will be alive and you will need to know how to dispose of the live mice.


I have identified the best 5 mouse trap options for catching mice, and each one of them will perform the task with ease.

Some of the options will catch multiple live mice, which is good if you do not want to kill the mice. You have other options here is you do not want to deal with live mice. You can apply mice poison to the traps, safe in the knowledge that the mice will not escape the trap, which is not good for the environment. Use some caution with this method.

If you apply poison to some of these traps, you will need to be wary of other wildlife, or children. You do not want the poison to be ingested by anything other than the mouse, right?

Good luck!

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