5 Reasons Why Mice Come Out During The Day

Mice do not really like to come out in the light because they feel too exposed. 


Reasons Why Mice Come Out During The Day

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Usually, a mouse will only go out hunting for food during the evening; however, it will go out during the day if the mouse is particularly hungry.



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I do not think you are going to like this reason! One common reason you have seen a mouse during the day is that you have a local infestation.



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A mouse might venture out during the day because it has sensed a predator nearby and has beat a hasty retreat 

Scared Away


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Similar to food, mice need water to survive. If the mouse is thirsty, then it will venture out during the day to get some water.

Need Water


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If a local nest has been disturbed by a predator, by you, or by another human, then you will see mice during the day in that area.