Hi, and welcome to my website, The Rodent Guide!

The rodent guide is a DIY rodent control guide written by me, a DIY rodent control specialist with over 20 years of experience in dealing with these pests.

Where do I begin…

Let’s start with the obvious. We do not like having rodents in our home.

When faced with an issue, I want to be extremely confident that I can overcome it! It was over 20 years ago when I first heard those rodent noises in my attic.

The first thing I did was learn EVERYTHING you could learn about mice and rats. When do they sleep, how do they build a nest, and how to catch them. Only when you know your enemy can you wage war against them!

Since then, my knowledge has increased substantially.

I have caught thousands of mice, rats, and other rodents using various methods detailed on this website. I’ve cleared rodent infestations in houses, garages, apartments, and even outside of properties too.

My house is now ‘rodent-free’! My friends come to me for advice, and I work with them to keep their house ‘rodent-free’ too.

I decided to build this webpage to give out all the knowledge I have built over the last 20 + years, so you can keep your home rodent-free too!

I’m passionate about providing a safe environment for humans and rodents that share our space! My knowledge and online resources have helped thousands of people learn how to take preventative measures like making their homes less attractive to pests.

I believe in treating all creatures with respect. My mission is to ensure everyone understands how to protect their home from rodents without using cruel methods. It’s been a wonderful journey so far, and there’s still so much work to be done!