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I believe in treating all creatures with respect. My mission is to ensure everyone understands how to protect their home from rodents without using cruel methods.

A cat is a natural predator of mice and other small rodents, and they are one of the most common pets. But how effective are they at pest control?

Can they help keep mice under control?

Can having a cat help keep mice away from your home?

This post will look at why having a cat will help keep mice away from your home!

do cats keep mice away

Do Cats Keep Mice Away? Yes – And Here Are The Reasons Why

I mentioned above that we would forget everything we have seen on Tom and Jerry. The relationship between cat and mouse is not the same!

When writing this post, I thought it would be an excellent idea to take a look to discuss the specific skills that a cat has to help keep your property mouse-free.

I wanted to look at what drives a cat and what they enjoy doing. Then we will know whether or not a cat is good for keeping mice away.

Cats Are Hunters

cats are hunters, hunting mice
Cats are born to hunt and have exquisite skills to keep mice away from your home! and reduce the chances of a mouse infestation.

Of all the domestic pets, cats are the best hunters. Dogs are good too, sure, but they tend to hunt in packs. Packs tend to alert the prey and may give them a chance to escape.

Cats are cunning, quiet, and they hunt alone. They are a hunting, rodent control machine!

When my cat is out catching birds and mice, he puffs out his chest as he stalks the area looking for clues and evidence of mice invasion. As soon as he notices something, he hits the floor and hides, waiting for his chance.

As he creeps towards the target, all I can see are his legs moving, and his body is still.

Hunting for mice is the same, and because mice have an excellent sense of smell and great hearing, the predator must be quiet and controlled.

A cat is the perfect machine for hunting mice and will undoubtedly help to keep mice away for this reason.

Cats Are Territorial 

Cat marking territory to keep mice away
Cats are very territorial and will strike down upon those who dare to invade their territory!

When another cat or animal dares to wander into my cat’s domain, he knows about it. My cat’s tail puffs out, and the hissing begins.

Cats are incredibly territorial and will mark their area with their scent to warn off other cats and animals.

Mice will pick up on this scent and know they are entering a cat’s territory. This alone will force mice to find somewhere else to be and will help to keep mice away.

If you are a mouse looking for a place to find food and set up a nest, would you think it is a good idea to do it where there is a known predator? Nope!

Cats Love To Play

Cat playing with Mouse
A cat will love playing with a mouse after it has been caught. I regularly see my cat playing with his prey.

I have witnessed my cat toying with many mice in the past! One time, I watched out of the kitchen window as it circled a mouse in an attempt to intimidate it.

Cats love to play with anything that moves erratically. They need to hone their hunting skills.

When my cat gets to grips with a mouse, you can witness him ‘pawing’ the mouse to make it move again. He is desperate to chase it, just one more time.

By this time, the mouse has given up, though. Cat 1 – Mouse Problem 0.

Cats Have Extraordinary Reflexes

cat reflexes great for keeping mice away
Cats have incredible reflexes, enabling them to catch any mouse that dares to enter its domain!

Have you ever heard the phrase:

‘That person has cat-like reflexes!’

For instance, it means a person can react quickly to a situation where they need to catch something.

Here is something you can try with a cat; I do it all the time for amusement.

Sit on a chair and wait for your cat to stroll past. Quickly move your foot as it gets close. You are likely to see (unless they are now immune to it) a lightning-quick jump in the air or a quick turn of the head to focus on your foot. It happens immediately.

When a cat spots a mouse, you can bet your bottom dollar that your cat will react just as quickly.

Cats Are Fast

cat running to catch mice
Cats can easily outpace a mouse – an essential skill for a rodent control expert.

The fastest house cats can run up to 30 mph!

Mice can run at 8 mph.

I am no mathematical genius, but 8 mph is significantly less than 30 mph.

Sure, you have to add that a mouse has a much lower center of gravity, which means it can turn quicker, but can a cat catch a mouse? Yes, it definitely can.

Most cat and mouse chases do not occur in a straight line, or there will always be one clear winner. However, in terms of a hunt, a mouse will not want to be tailed by a cat, that is for sure.

Cats Are Focused

Focused cat, looking for mice
Cats have incredible focus, allowing them to notice a mouse’s small movements!

Have you ever played with a cat using a laser pen?

If you have, you will know just how focused a cat is on the object its eyes are tracking.

They will open their eyes super wide, their pupils expand to take in all the light needed, and they will not take their eyes off that object until it is caught.

When a cat sets their eyes on a mouse, the cat will hunt it down until it is caught.

Cats Are Patient Stalkers

cat patiently waiting to catch Mouse
Cats will wait until the perfect time to strike their prey!

I know cats do not show much patience when holding a sachet of food for them! But they DO show extreme patience when they are stalking their prey.

Have you seen a cat ready to pounce? They squat down on their front legs while their back legs constantly move to keep the blood flowing. From the front, they are still.

Then, as soon as the prey is close enough, they will pounce.

Mice, on the other hand, tend to move around in unorganized patterns. They are moving from one thing to another in search of food. Sure, they are always looking for danger, but a cat will be watching every move, waiting until the mouse is close enough.

Recap Infographic – 7 Key Cat Skills That Help To Keep Mice Away

Infographic that shows 7 key skills that cats have to keep mice away

Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

My cat killed a mouse. Will he get sick?

Cats eat mice in the wild, so they are unlikely to get sick. However, mice can carry Cestoda (tapeworm). If your cat eats a mouse with a tapeworm, then your cat will take on the tapeworm!

You should always make sure that your cat is fully protected against tapeworms.

Can mice sense a cat in the house?

Yes – mice will sense that you have a cat in your worse. The best-case scenario is they will be too scared to stay in your home. Some mice may be desperate to stay in your home and will avoid open spaces.

Getting a cat will help to get rid of mice! It is a walking pest control expert!

What should I do if my cat catches a mouse?

Praise your cat! It has done an excellent job! In all seriousness, there is nothing to be concerned about. Instead, try and stop your cat from entering your home with the mouse.


If you want to know if having a cat will keep mice away, then the reason on this page will surely answer that question!

Does having a cat keep mice away?

Yes – it does.

Although cats are great at keeping mice from getting near your home, they are also excellent at ensuring the brave ones that attempt it are caught before they get to your home.

I have lost count of the times I have had to clear a dead mouse from outside my home and in my yard. Each one of them was hunted down and taught a lesson by my cat. I am sure each of them would have found a way into my home had the cat not been present.

If you think you have mice in your home or your home is susceptible to mouse invasion, then a cat is an awesome way to reduce the chances! Even if you have mice in your attic, you can always send the cat up to warn them off.

Good luck, now go out and find yourself a top hunting cat!


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I believe in treating all creatures with respect. My mission is to ensure everyone understands how to protect their home from rodents without using cruel methods.

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