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I believe in treating all creatures with respect. My mission is to ensure everyone understands how to protect their home from rodents without using cruel methods.

Mice will urinate on absolutely everything!

This leaves you will a large cleanup operation, or you could risk the spread of some very nasty diseases.

In this post, I am going to explain how to get rid of mice’s urine odor. And if you want to get rid of the mouse urine smell in your car, you can also follow this advice.

How To Get Rid Of Mice Urine Odor

Finding Mice Urine

Understanding how to get rid of mouse urine smell is relatively easy. Finding the urine is a whole other ballgame!

How exactly do you do that?

It would be best if you began by concentrating your efforts on areas where you know mice have been. Consider all areas where mice tend to hide in a house. That is where I begin.

You can use tools that make the job of finding mice urine a little easier, such as a UV blacklight torch. Like this:

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Getting Rid Of Mice Urine Odor

If you have recently cleared your home from mice infestation, you are already winning!

Now it is down to you to finish the job and clean up the odor from mouse urine.

Sometimes it is easy! For instance, you may have to remove rodent urine odor on metal. 

Sometimes it is more of a challenge, especially if you need to clean mouse urine from wood

Either way, you will need to get it done!

To understand how to get rid of the mouse urine smell, I always begin in the area they frequent the most. That includes areas where I caught the mice/mouse and areas where there is evidence of mice activity.

There are various signs that you have mice in your home. When you understand these signs, you will know where to look and where to begin the cleanup operation!


The first step is to ensure the area you are working in is well-ventilated.

Not only will good ventilation help get rid of the mouse urine smell, but it will also help get rid of the smell of the cleaning equipment you are using.

For instance, when using bleach you should always be in a well-ventilated area.

Open as many windows and doors as possible to ensure good airflow in that area.


When cleaning mouse urine, you should wear protective gloves at the very least!

What do I wear when cleaning mice’s urine? Let’s take a look at my list:

I take my health very seriously, and you should, too. Mouse urine can be a host to some nasty diseases, so you must reduce the chances of contracting them. You can get sick from mouse urine!

When looking for mouse urine stains, you may be in your attic (attics are common for mouse infestations). If your attic is anything like mine, you will not have much space to work with, and you will need to move items out of the way to get to the areas where mouse urine will be.

A quick note if you are working in your attic: If you have laid some mouse traps up in your attic, then remember where you put them!


Get Rid Of Mice Urine Odor - Cleaning And Ventilating Infographic

It goes without saying that you need to clean the area where you have found mouse urine and any areas with evidence of mouse activity.

It would be best if you were confident that you had covered all areas that could have been subjected to mouse urine.

Here are the items I use to clean mouse urine:


I prefer to use bleach to clean any area where there is clear evidence of mouse activity.

Bleach is a potent cleaning agent that sterilizes and disinfects the area. It is one of the best tools in your arsenal to get rid of mouse urine odor! Bleach and water are your friends.

I mentioned it above, and I will mention it here again. ALWAYS ventilate the area where you are going to use bleach. If I am using bleach in a confined area, I am 100% likely to have a painful headache an hour later!


I use disinfectant sprays around areas where there has clearly been mouse activity but no evidence of mouse urine.

It is easier to carry a disinfectant spray and much healthier to use in confined areas.

Some disinfectant sprays come in different scents. To help mask the urine smell, consider using one of those options.


If you want to clean up mouse urine but do not want to use a chemical-based cleaner, then vinegar is a good option.

Vinegar is excellent at masking the smell of the urine, too!

The only drawback to using vinegar (aside from the fact vinegar does not have anti-bacterial properties) is the smell. Although the smell of vinegar is strong, it does not last long.

Steam Clean

You are killing any bad stuff left behind by steam cleaning any areas where you think mice have urinated.

Consider buying a steam cleaner because if your home is a target for a mice infestation, it can be an excellent tool in your arsenal! This is especially true if you are getting rid of the smell on clothing or carpet. The steam will penetrate the material and will ensure a fuller and deeper clean.

If you have a urine smell in the wood, then I suggest that you use a steam cleaner and/or scented disinfectant spray.

Wash Any Materials

You must cover all areas that you think have been contaminated with mice urine.

Do not stop with the local area, though. Always ensure that you clean the general vicinity of the mice’s urine thoroughly with the equipment discussed above.

Do not forget that mice are excellent climbers, which means any clothes can be targeted and may have been urinated on.

Steam cleaners are an excellent tool for cleaning clothes and anything made of cloth.

Draw The Odor Out

There are many items that you can use to draw the odor out of your home. I have listed some of the items below:

Ground Coffee

Ground coffee is an excellent odor absorber.

Not only will ground coffee absorb any odors, but it will also mask odors in the general area.

Odor Absorber

Consider buying an odor absorber to hang. These are an awesome choice if the area is confined.

Mask The Odor

Along with absorbing the odor, you should also consider masking the odor until the smell is completely gone.

Use a strong air freshener, incense sticks, or an oil burner to get rid of the smell.


It would be best if you disposed of any equipment that you use to clean up the mice’s urine.

There is a reason why I opt for disposable gloves and a disposable coverall! They are cheap enough to throw away once they have been used.

Wrap everything up in a bag and throw it in the trash. Clothes are garments that may hold some remnants of the mice’s urine, and it is not worth taking the risk.

Don’t Cut Corners

Mouse pee smell removal takes time, equipment, and a whole lot of patience! It is not a job that you can rush to finish. If you rush this job, you will not eliminate mouse odor.

Don’t stop until you are sure that you have removed it all, especially if you have had a mouse infestation!

Get Rid of Mouse Urine Smell in Walls

The answer to this depends entirely on whether or not you can access the walls. If you can access the walls, then read this post and complete the task with (relative) ease.

If you can’t access the walls (cavity walls, for instance), you have two options. You can either mask the smell until it has disappeared, or you will need some professional help in removing parts of the walls to access the mouse’s urine. I want to keep the odor until it has gone because it is much cheaper than removing parts of a wall to gain access to clean up the urine.

You can mask the odor using a strong air freshener, incense sticks, or an oil burner (peppermint oil best masks mice’s smell of mouse urine).

Get Rid of Mouse Urine Smell in a Carpet

I am going to kick this off by saying that you should NOT use bleach!

One of the best products I have used is Simple Solution Pet Stain and Odor Remover. Not only will it remove any urine stains from pets, but it is also excellent at removing the mouse urine odor from carpets. Well worth the money!

Is Mouse Urine Harmful to Humans?

Yes, urine from mice can be very dangerous to humans!

Hantavirus can be transmitted by mouse urine and/or droppings.

This is exactly the reason why I suggest you clean up with urine whilst being protected by a face mask.


When you find that you have a mouse or a mouse infestation, the first job is to get rid of them all! The second job, which is just as important, is to understand how to get rid of the mouse’s urine smell, along with any droppings that the mice will have left behind.

It is vital that you clean up to ensure that you and your family remain in good health.

If you still have mice in your home or your attic, then you will first need to understand where to place the mouse traps for effective capture.

Get rid of the urine, and get rid of the smell.

Good luck with the clean-up operation!


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I believe in treating all creatures with respect. My mission is to ensure everyone understands how to protect their home from rodents without using cruel methods.

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