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I believe in treating all creatures with respect. My mission is to ensure everyone understands how to protect their home from rodents without using cruel methods.

As I search the internet, I see tons of questions about rats!

There were many questions; I thought I would create a page full of random rat-related questions! Is there a question about rats that you have been afraid to ask? This is the page for you.

If you would like any rat-related questions answered, please get in touch!

Tons Of Rat Related Questions

Do rats attack humans?

The only time a rat will attack a human is in self-defense.

If a rat is being handled and doesn’t want to be, it could attack a human by biting. The same could happen if you accidentally touch or stand on a rat.

Do rats breed in winter?

Yes – rats do not stop breeding! Rats can have many babies, and 1 rat can quickly turn into thousands.

Rats breed throughout the year!

Do rats bark?

No, rats do not bark. I have never heard a rat bark! Rats make many noises, such as squeaking, scurrying, scratching, hissing, and gnawing. Barking is not one of them.

Do rats carry fleas?

Yes – rats carry fleas. The bubonic plague was spread by fleas that hitched a ride on the back of rats!

This resulted in 50 million deaths in Europe alone.

Do rats drink water?

Yes – rats drink water. Easy access to a water supply is one of the most common reasons rats live close to humans.

You will likely find a rat’s nest or burrow close to a water supply such as a river or lake in the wild.

Do rats fight?

Yes – rats do fight! Some rats don’t like other rats, so they fight! They also fight when it comes to supremacy and mating.

Rats also play fight, where they hone their skills for a real match!

Do rats hiss?

Yes – I have personally witnessed a hissing rat. This usually happens when the rat does not have the means to escape a threat.

I witnessed it when I had a rat cornered in the yard. At first, it froze but reverted to hissing when it realized I could still see it.

Do rats have good hearing?

Rats have exceptional hearing! They can hear at frequencies that we humans cannot.

This lets a rat know when a threat is nearby to escape quickly.

Do rats kill rabbits?

Fully grown rabbits are safe from a rat attack, but smaller rabbits are a viable target.

If you keep rabbits outside, ensure they are secured using strong steel mesh that is not big enough for a fully grown rat to enter. The gaps should be less than 1 inch.

Do rats live under decking?

Yes – rats will happily build a nest in decking. It does come with risks, though, especially if the gap is big enough to fit a cat in.

Ultimately, if a rat feels safe under a decking, it will create a nest for its family.

Do rats mate for life?

No, rats will mate with lots of rats in their lifetime! It is how they keep up an incredible presence on this planet.

Do rats only come out at night?

You can see a rat at any time during the day. While rats are usually nocturnal, those hungry, thirsty, or who need to find a place to hide will come out during the day.

It is not uncommon to see a rat in your garden during the day if things attract it to your yard!

Do rats purr?

I have never heard a rat purr. They make many other noises, such as squeaking, scratching, and hissing. Not purring, though.

Do rat’s tails grow back?

No, rat’s tails do not grow back. Instead, rats sometimes get caught in a trap via their tail, prompting the rat to chew it off to escape. They do not grow back, though.

Can rats and mice breed?

No, rats and mice cannot crossbreed.

Can rats drown?

Yes – rats need oxygen to survive. If you submerse a rat in water, it will eventually drown.

Can rats make dogs sick?

Leptospirosis is dangerous for dogs and can make them very sick.

It can also be transmitted to humans when broken skin comes into contact with rat urine.

Can rats vomit?

Rats cannot vomit, nobody knows why.

I think they probably cannot vomit because they tend to eat disgusting things. Rats eat dog poop, and surely if they can vomit, they would do after that!

Do rats get rabies?

Rats can have rabies, but it is very, very unlikely.

Do rats play dead?

No, rats do not play dead.

When faced with a threat, a rat will freeze and hiss but not play dead.

Can rats climb up toilets?

You are not going to like this answer! Yes – rats can climb up toilets!

The good news is that they are doubtful too. Check out this video that shows you how a rat can climb up toilets:

Do rats swim in water?

Yes – rats can swim. They are very proficient swimmers in the water.

Do rats hibernate in winter?

No, rats do not hibernate. They are active at all times throughout the year.

Do snakes eat rats?

Yes – rats are a tasty snack for snakes! Snakes eat most rodents as long as they can fit into a snake’s mouth.

Do rats make squeaking noises?

Yes – rats to squeak. I have heard rats squeaking in someone’s attic, and I have also heard the desperate squeaks of a rat caught in a trap.

Can rats bite dogs?

Yes – rats have been known to bite dogs, but only when they feel threatened and there is no way for the rat to escape.

A dog is much bigger than a rat and loves chasing rats! If the dog is threatening the rat, it may bite.

Do pet rats bite?

Yes – pet rats can bite too. This usually only happens when a rat is not being handled correctly.

Also, if a rat looks distressed, you should not handle it because it can bite.

Do rats bleed to death?

Yes – rats can bleed to death! Some rat poison has an active ingredient that causes rats to bleed out by stopping the blood from clotting (anticoagulant).

Do rats chew clothes?

Yes – mostly because rats can use clothing material to build their nests.

You should always keep clothing away from rats.

Do rats freeze when scared?

Yes – rats freeze when scared. I’ve startled a rat in my yard, and it froze for around 30 seconds before disappearing out of sight!

Do rats go outside to die?

No, rats will die wherever they fall! I have had to deal with several dead rats in the past to know that this is not true.

The worst place for a rat to die is in your cavity walls because getting the dead rat out is difficult!


I will keep this list up to date as questions are asked. This page has 20+ rat-related questions!

If you have any questions about rats, please get in touch.

Good luck!


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