How To Get Rid Of Mice Under Deck; A Systematic Approach.

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I believe in treating all creatures with respect. My mission is to ensure everyone understands how to protect their home from rodents without using cruel methods.

Imagine you’re hosting a party on your deck, and a mouse shows up out of nowhere, scaring your guests and disrupting the party.

Terrific, I know. It is a party killer!

You see: there are ways to avoid this kind of scenario. In other words, you can have a mouse-free deck. 

If that sounds like what you want, then continue reading. 

In this article, you will discover why your deck attracts mice, how to get rid of the mice, and, ultimately, how to make your deck off-limits to mice. 

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

How To Get Rid Of Mice Under Deck; A Systematic Approach.

Mouse traps

Mice traps are easy and effective ways of getting rid of mice under your decks.

You don’t even have to worry about finding the dead mice (outside of a trap) or the foul smell of dead mice (like you’ll have to with bait stations). 

This is because the mice are trapped or killed on the spot, and you can dispose of them immediately. All you need is to use the appropriate bait and place the trap in places where you’ve seen signs of mouse activity. 

Then, you can check to see if the mouse has been trapped. Then you can decide what to do with the dead/live far, depending on the kind of trap you use. 

There are several mouse traps. Here are some of them: glue mouse traps, electronic mouse traps, snap mouse traps, etc. You can use anyone that you wish. Just ensure you pick the right baits and place them in strategic positions. 

Mouse bait stations 

A typical mouse (rodent) bait station is a small box with an opening through which mice can enter. Inside the box, you will place poisoned bait (or mouse poison) which the mice eat. After which, the poison kills the mice. 

The box protects children and pets from accidentally coming in contact with the poison. For maximum effectiveness, place the bait station under your deck where there is high mouse activity. 

Ensure that the hole (opening) is easily accessible to the mice and use as many bait stations to cover the entire deck area (at intervals of 15 ft from each other). 

Professional pest control 

If you do not have the desired results after trying to remove or kill mice under your deck, you should hire a professional pest controller to get rid of them. 

They will locate their nests, and you’ll bid these unwanted pests goodbye before long.


I wanted to write a little about poison. While poison is an excellent way of getting rid of mice (even from under your deck), it is not a good idea to use it without control.

If you want to use mouse poison to get rid of mice under your deck, you should ensure the mice are trapped for as long as the poison takes to act.

Why? Because if you let the mice roam around, you risk secondary poisoning, where the mouse may be seated by a predator, effectively poisoning another animal.

How do you know you have mice under your deck?

under deck

Firstly, how do you even know that it’s mice under your deck and not, say, a skunk or any other animals? 

You need to watch out for some signs to affirm that you have a mouse problem. These are some of the signs that you have mice lurking under your deck;

Urine smell/stains

The strong ammonia-like smell from fresh mouse urine is not easy to miss. Cats and dogs often pick up on the smells quickly. 

One mouse can deposit quite a bit of urine each day. So, if you get a whiff of mouse urine under your decks, you may have mice down there. 

Mouse droppings

Mice feces around your decks is another unmistakable sign of mice infestation, especially if they are fresh. Fresh droppings are dark and moist, while old mouse droppings are dried and gray.

Thus, whenever you suspect mice are under your deck, you should inspect it for mice droppings. Dried droppings may be signs of previous mice infestations, though.

Gnaw marks

Mice are notorious for chewing almost anything, no thanks to their sharp teeth. In homes, mice gnaw at electrical wirings, wood, plastic, etc. 

Outside, they gnaw at wood and other deciding materials, especially under decks. So, when you see a gnaw mark or gnaw hole around your deck’s structure, it is most likely the works of mice. 

Scurrying sounds 

This is a very common sign of mice infestation – especially at night. 

When mice move from one place to another, they dig their nails in to get traction, and their bodies also rub against surfaces, making noise. You can also hear their scratching noises under your deck. 

Mice nests/ burrow holes

Mice love to make their nests in dark places that guarantee warmth. So, you may find mice nests under your decks upon inspection. 

Further, mice like to burrow passages to move around. Hence, if you find 2-4 inch holes under your decks, you may have a mouse problem.  

Finally, if you see mice under your deck or around, you can be certain that those pests are holed up under your deck. 

Why do mice infest decks?

mouse looking for food near deck

You may have built your deck to give your house a new look or host parties. But why does it seem to attract mice and other rodents? 

These are the reasons why mice infest decks;

Food source 

If your deck is littered with possible food sources for mice, you may see those pests taking up abode there. 

Mice are opportunists; they seize every feeding opportunity they find. So even if the food source is not directly under the deck, mice may still live under your deck if it’s somewhere close to the food source. 

So, if you have pet food bowls or food debris on/around your decks, you may have unknowingly sent an invitation to mice. 

Dark places

Mice love dark places. And your deck provides them with just that. Moreso, they have poor eyesight; they mostly rely on their keen sense of smell. 

So, a dark place protects them from exposure to the weather and provides food that’s a paradise for mice. Not to even mention that they can multiply unchecked under the deck because they rarely get disturbed there. 

Furthermore, most decks are usually open; hence, they are easily accessible to mice. This means they’ll infest your decks without hesitation if it’s open to them. 

Nesting grounds

Mice love to nest in places that are warm and dark. And where else fits the bill other than under decks? Well, inside your house is a better fit. Nonetheless, decks have easy access compared to your house. 

Therefore, it is just right that they put their nesting material under your decks.

Preventing mice from infesting your deck in the future

chicken wire

It feels good to be rid of mice, right? Yes. However, it is not enough to kill mice under your deck. You should make efforts to keep them out from under your deck. 

“How can I do that?” you ask. You can proof your deck and ward mice off by using the following means; 

Use chicken wire mesh (or any form of mouse barrier)

When building your deck, you can use a chicken wire fence to cover the open area (around the decking base). Installing this fence will help to keep your deck off-limits to mice. 

Remove any food source. 

Mice will do anything to be close to food – including infesting a deck. So, another step you can take to prevent mice from getting into your house is to remove any leftover food, food debris, a bird feeder, or anything that can serve as a food source for mice around your deck. 

Also, whenever you eat on your decks, do well to clean up and pack all food scraps that may have dropped. Ensure your garbage cans are far from your deck as well. 

Use mice repellents regularly. 

While the effectiveness of some mice repellents is questionable if appropriately used, mice repellents can help keep mice at bay, i.e., out of your decks. 

Here are some mice repellents: mothballs, chili powder, peppermint oil, vinegar, steel wool, and ultrasonic rodent.


Mice are unpopular, and most of us do not want them in or around our homes. Your deck is a challenging area to manage pests due to the exposure (i.e., it is outdoors). That doesn’t mean it is impossible, so if you follow the advice on this page, you will reduce the chances of having a mouse infestation under your deck.

And as I said above, if you get stuck, call a professional rodent control expert.

Good luck. 


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I believe in treating all creatures with respect. My mission is to ensure everyone understands how to protect their home from rodents without using cruel methods.

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