What Do Rats In Your Attic Sound Like

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As you lay in bed, you hear a sound from your attic, but what could it be? It could be a bird on your roof, or it could be the heating pipes making noise. It could also be a rodent, or even worse, a number of rodents! Could it be a rat? How do you tell? What do rats in your attic sound like?

What Do Rats In Your Attic Sound Like?

If you are hearing noises in your attic and you want to know if it is a rat, then we can help you out here.

I will begin with one problem, it is a challenge to figure out which particular Rodent might be living upstairs in your attic. You will still need to go up and check it out, or send someone up in your place!

5 Noises That Confirm You Have Rats In Your Attic Infographic

Scurrying Noises


The most common sounds that you will get if you have rats in your attic is the noise of them scurrying around to find one of two things:

  1. Food
  2. Bedding

They are quick, so as you lay underneath your attic, you will be able to follow the noise from one side of the room to the other.

Imagine a rat on wooden flooring and that is what you will be hearing. The scurrying noises can be extremely concerning and will no doubt affect what sleep you are going to get that night!

Scratching Noises

Another noise you are likely to hear is scratching. Rats and other rodents will be scratching anything they find to ensure they keep their claws sharp enough to climb up and down through your house as you sleep (or not!).

Rat’s will also be scratching a number of items in your attic to shred them up to be used as extra bedding.

If you hear scratching in your attic, then you are also likely to hear the other noises we discuss on this page.

Chewing Noises

Rats will be chewing items in your loft to use as bedding. They will also be gnawing at wooden beams to keep their teeth sharp. This is one of the things that make a rat very dangerous!

When you are sure that you have a rat in your attic, you will need to take action very soon.

Many people keep family heirlooms and items of sentimental value in the loft and you will need to ensure you get to them before the rats decide to use them as extra bedding.

Old photographs, old clothing, and boxes are perfect items for a rat to use for bedding, so if you have anything sentimental in your attic, ensure they are safely stored away in a metal container to reduce the chances of being chewed by a Rodent!

Squeaking Noises

Rats communicate by squeaking, and sometimes this can be very loud.

If you are quiet enough at night, you will be able to hear the faint squeaks of a rat if you have one in your attic.

For me, this is the worst possible sound because it is a key indicator that there is more than one rat up there to deal with.

Hissing Noises


As if the first noises on this page are not concerning enough! Rats can also hiss.

If you hear a rat hissing, it is likely to be because it is either afraid, angry or in pain. It is worth remembering this if you have set some traps up to capture the rat because if you hear it hissing, it may be caught in the trap.


If you hear noises in your attic, you will want to know pretty quickly what it is! You will want to know what rats in your attic sound like so at least you can confirm, or rule it out.

There are other things that can infest your attic other than rats, but rats (along with mice) are by far the most common.

If you think you have a rat in your attic it is best if you investigate immediately. Once you confirm that you have a rat infestation, you can formulate a plan to get rid of them.

Good luck!

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