Do Rats Eat Human Poop? The Grim Reality

We know that rats eat most things (including dog poop), carry several diseases, and occasionally live in sewer systems.

They are already pretty disgusting (and dangerous too).

Can they possibly be any worse? It depends on the answer to the following question: Do rats eat human poop? Let’s take a look at answering that question right now!

What you will learn from this post:

  • Do rats eat human poop?
  • What is inhuman poop that rats like

Do Rats Eat Human Poop_ The Grim Reality

Do Rats Eat Human Poop? The Grim Reality

Are you ready for this answer? Yes, rats can and do eat human poop.

It is pretty gross.

Another reason to get rats out of your home fast!

We know that the answer to the question ‘do rats eat human poop’ is yes, but you have to understand that the rat needs to access the human poop to be able to eat it.

As you may already know, rats can live in the sewage system in suburban areas. Not only does that mean they spend their time wading through human waste, but it also means they can eat it too.

It may also frighten you into learning that rats can climb up through the sewage system and your toilet! Check this out:

If a rat gets into your home using this method, it will likely be covered in human poop and spread any bacteria around your home as it searches for a place to set up a nest!

Rats are known to carry certain diseases, and now you have to consider all the bacteria around your home too!

What is it About Human Poop That Rats Like?

To understand how to answer this, we first need to understand exactly what is in human poop.

Human poop is made up of the following:

  • Water (around 75% of the poop) – This offers liquid refreshment to the rat.
  • Undigested food – This offers something for the rat to eat.
  • Fats – Something for the rat to eat.
  • Protein – Something else for the rat to eat!

The rest of the human poop comprises the dead bacteria used to digest the food.

When you consider how human poop is broken down, you understand why a rat will eat it. If a rat is desperate, it can get nutrition from human poop, which is the most important thing.

Does That Mean a Rat Will Go Out Looking For Human Poop To Eat?

No, rats will not go out looking for human poop to eat.

Although rats can hunt very well, they get most of their food from stumbling upon things to eat, such as human poop.

They prefer to eat things they usually find in the wild. Rats prefer to eat nuts, seeds, meat, and fruit. If you want to catch a rat, I wouldn’t advise using human poop as bait! There are plenty of other rat bait options you should consider using first.


Do rats eat human poop? Yes, they do! It is gross, I know, but it is a genuine answer!

Is it something they would consider a delicacy? Absolutely not.

I mentioned above that rats usually feed on things they stumble upon as they scurry around. It is improbable that a rat will feast on human poop in the wild. There is much more chance of this happening in bigger cities where they will live in the sewer system. This is where they will have more chance of eating human poop. Especially as there aren’t many more options to eat within a sewage system!

In the wild, rats are much more likely to eat nuts, seeds, meat, and fruits.

Good luck!


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