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I believe in treating all creatures with respect. My mission is to ensure everyone understands how to protect their home from rodents without using cruel methods.

Mice in your home are very common; do not panic!

You may have heard some noises in your attic, or you may have noticed other signs that you have a mouse problem. Now you need to catch them!

Here, we will look at the best mouse traps for small mice because some of the bigger options will not give you much success!

If you need to catch a small mouse, you need small mouse traps!

If you are dealing with small mice, and let’s face it, most of them are pretty small, then some bigger trap options and smaller mouse traps may not work.

Imagine a large trap with the best mouse bait, such as peanut butter or chocolate. Imagine a small mouse hopping in the middle to taste the sweet goodness! The trap triggers, surrounding the mouse with the jaws of death but completely missing the mouse.

Now you have left a free meal out for the mouse. If the mouse is brave enough to try and eat it again!

Small mouse traps will ensure the mouse’s body is under the trap’s jaws when it triggers, which increases the chance of a successful capture.

It is not only small traps that you need to consider. Other mouse trap options will give you just as much success, but you do have to consider the size of the mouse when looking for traps.

The Best Mouse Traps For Small Mice

1. Mouse Trap With Jaws

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Why These Are Excellent At Catching Small Mice

At the beginning of this article, I explained that the mouse might be missed when the trap is triggered as the bar snaps down. These mouse traps do not have bars; they have JAWS!

Imagine a mouse stepping into this trap. Even if the mouse is directly in the middle of the trap, the jaws will come down (with force) and surround the mouse. This leaves no place for the mouse to escape, rendering it trapped inside for you to dispose of.

I have used these traps multiple times in the past, and because of the high success rate, I will carry on using them!

They are not only the best choice for catching small mice but also an excellent mouse trap if you are looking to catch mice of any size.

When set, these traps are very, very sensitive. These mouse traps have an easy way of applying the bait; the trap doesn’t even need to be set when applying! The bait cup is removable, so all you need to do is apply the bait and push the bait cup back into the trap before setting it.

It is as simple as that!

Not only are they susceptible, but they are also mighty.

Because of the jaw design, these are excellent traps for catching small mice!

Although it has a removable bait cup, always be careful when setting mouse traps. They are mighty and can cause some severe damage to your fingers.

2. Humane Live Capture Mouse Traps

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Why These Are Excellent At Catching Small Mice

These are ‘live capture’ mouse traps; they are more than capable of catching a mouse of ANY size.

The only drawback is that you must dispose of the mouse when captured.

There are other options for a trap such as this when considering which bait to use. For instance, I am happy to use poison in a trap like this because I know the mouse will not go outside and be eaten by a predator!

I have used this trap in the past when I am under instructions to not kill the mouse and it has never failed.

Using the trap is very easy! The bait is applied to the end of the mouse trap (which is removable), and the door is placed down, allowing the mouse to enter.

As the mouse travels up to the bait, the trap is triggered, and the door slams shut, trapping the mouse inside. It is then up to you to dispose of the mouse in a safe environment.

Another great thing about using humane mouse traps is that you can use them inside your home because your children will not fear that they will trigger the trap and get their hands caught in it! The same can be said for your household pets unless you have a pet mouse!

3. Humane Live Catch Cages

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Why These Are Excellent At Catching Small Mice

These humane traps are similar to the mouse trap above and can also be used inside your home.

Again, the drawback is that you will need to dispose of the live mouse, but as you have opted for a humane mouse trap, I guess you are happy with that.

This mouse trap also has a removable bait compartment. Add your bait into the tray and set the trap.

As the mouse enters the trap and progresses toward the bait, the trap is triggered, and the mouse is trapped. It is a simple yet effective way to catch a small mouse.

The trap can be reused multiple times and is very easy to clean. Unlike the snap-style traps, these are unlikely to be covered in mouse blood! Wash them thoroughly with hot water before using them again.

This trap is made of premium plastic and has reinforced metal plates on the front and rear; it is difficult for the mouse to claw their way out of the trap once triggered.

You can be sure that this mouse trap will catch the smaller mice!

4. Electronic Mouse Traps

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Why These Are Excellent At Catching Small Mice

Victor says this is a:

21st Century solution to an age old problem

I couldn’t agree more!

Powered by 4 AA batteries, the Victor Electronic mouse trap boasts an impressive 100 kills on each set of batteries!

The trap is triggered when the mouse enters the trap, and a high-voltage shock is delivered to the occupant, killing the mouse instantly.

As the Victor ‘No Touch, No See’ trap delivers a powerful shock, it has a built-in safety switch. When the trap is open, it is disabled, making it safe to use around your home.

You can see the trap caught a mouse due to the indicator light. It blinks green for up to 1 week when it has caught a mouse.

When it comes to mouse disposal, the chamber can be easily removed, which means baiting and cleaning the chamber is very easy.

The Victor Electric trap is an awesome choice if you are looking for a mouse trap for small mice. It does not matter how big the mouse is; if baited correctly, the mouse will enter the chamber and will not come back out alive.

5. The Better Mouse Trap – By Intruder

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Why These Are Excellent At Catching Small Mice

The ‘Better Mouse Trap’ has not been designed to kill. It has been designed to trap the mouse and suffocate it.

We think this is a great option for a small mouse because mice have no chance of escaping the ultra-strong grip!

Intruder boasts a 30% stronger mouse trap that will hold a Mouse tight in its grip. 

Although it has not been designed to kill a mouse instantly, I am sure it will have no trouble killing mice if the mouse is positioned correctly when the trap is triggered. The sheer force of the trap coming down will easily break the neck of a mouse, but if it doesn’t, it will soon be dead by suffocation.

Another great feature of this trap is that you will never need to touch the mouse to clear the trap. The trap is easily released simply by squeezing the end.

They may not look much, but the Intruder Better mouse trap packs a serious punch, so do not test it with your finger!


Catching mice can be challenging, especially with small or large mice. The mouse traps above will certainly give you the edge if you need to catch small mice.

Always consider your health when setting up a mouse trap, when disposing of the body, and when cleaning up afterward.

Mice and most rodents carry some very nasty diseases, especially in their feces. One, in particular, called Hantavirus, can be deadly. Symptoms include fatigue, fever, and muscle aches, especially around the chest area. Although rare, it is deadly and has a mortality rate of around 38%.

For this reason, you must protect yourself when there is a danger of being exposed to rodent feces. When I am dealing with a rodent problem, I always go armed with the following:

  1. Respirator
  2. Flashlight
  3. Strong Gloves
  4. Strong Bags
  5. Cleaning Equipment

You must look after your health and those of others who may also come into contact with rodent feces.

Good luck!


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I believe in treating all creatures with respect. My mission is to ensure everyone understands how to protect their home from rodents without using cruel methods.

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