Best Humane Mouse Traps. 5 Awesome Options

Humane. What does it mean?

Being humane means you are going to do all that you can to stop the mouse from suffering. That could mean not killing the mouse, or it could mean killing the mouse instantly so it does not suffer.

In this post, we are going to take a look at the best humane mouse trap options. Because we want to get rid of mice, but we do not want them to suffer, right?

5 Best Humane Mouse Traps

Victor M310S Mouse Trap

tin cat humane mouse trap
This is a highly effective mouse trap for multiple mice!

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Live catch up to 30 mice with this Victor solution!

Here we have the Tin Cat humane mouse trap option by Victor, a device that lets you catch up to 30 mice in one setting!

Ok, let’s face facts. If you are going to set this mouse trap and leave it for weeks, you are not very humane. Those mice are not going to be particularly happy about being starving!

The key point here is that you check this mouse trap each day to see if you have caught any mice. When you have caught one, you will need to dispose of the live mouse correctly.

Key Features Of The Victor M310S

  • Easy Disposal: This trap makes it easy to dispose of live mice. You will not have to touch them.
  • Catches Up To 30 Mice: Although this is an excellent selling point, leaving it long enough to catch all 30 is not very humane!
  • Can Use Outdoors: I have 1 of these set up in my yard to catch any mice that come close to my home.
  • Pet And Child Safe: This is a pet-safe mouse trap. It is also Child safe if you are not going to poison the mice.

Victor M250S Mouse Trap

electric mouse trap
This humane mouse trap delivers a high voltage shock that kills mice within seconds!

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The Victor M250S mouse trap has an excellent design!

For a start, you do not have to see or touch the mouse. Secondly, the device is designed to give a high voltage shock to kill the mouse within seconds.

With a 100% kill rate, within seconds, this is an excellent choice if you are looking for a humane mouse trap.

Key Features Of The Victor M250S

  • Battery Powered: This device will kill up to 100 mice on each set of batteries.
  • Indicator Light: Instantly see if the mouse trap has been triggered.
  • Removable Kill Chamber: Making the device very easy to clean and apply some of the best mouse trap bait.
  • Built-in Safety Switch: Perfect if you have kids and is also an excellent pet-proof mouse trap option.

Tip Trap Mouse Traps

tip trap mouse trap

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Here is another no kill humane mouse trap you can use to catch mice!

The design is simple but genius. The trap is loaded with some of the best mouse trap bait, the mouse takes a stroll into the trap, which forces the trap to tip over, and the door to close.

A simple visual check of the trap will tell you if you have caught a mouse or not.

Key Features Of The Tip Trap Mouse Trap

  • Easy To Set Up: Easy use means less frustration!
  • Easy To Use: A visual check will tell you if you have caught a mouse or not.
  • Built For Mice: The tunnel design helps to guide the mouse into the humane trap.

Victor Quick Kill Mouse Trap

victor quick kill humane trap
This trap has been designed to trigger only when the mouse has placed its head into the trap.

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We have added these Quick Kill options from Victor simply because of the way it is designed.

The kill method uses Precision Strike Technology. The mouse must place its head inside the trap before the trap is triggered.

That leaves no room for error when killing the mouse! The trap will fall directly onto the back of the mouse killing it instantly.

  • Instant Kill: The trap is designed to kill the mouse instantly.
  • Re-use: You can re-use the mouse trap after each kill.
  • Humane: This trap delivers a quick death, no suffering.

Humane Mouse Trap

humane mouse trap
This is an awesome and humane mouse trap designed to catch the rodent unharmed.

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This is another humane mouse trap designed with the look and feel of a tunnel.

Mice love moving through restricted areas; it keeps them safe from predators. The more your trap looks like a tunnel, the more likely the mouse is to walk into it.

Key Features Of This Humane Mouse Trap

  • Easy To Bait: Get some of the best food to catch mice, load it up, and wait for the mouse trap to work!
  • Easy To Clean: This is one of the easiest mouse traps to clean.
  • Does Not Harm The Mouse: Because of its design, it is one of the best humane mouse trap options.


If you are after one of the best humane mouse trap options, any of the 5 highlighted here will do the job!

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, being humane does not simply mean live-catching the mice before releasing them back into the wild.

Humane is making sure the animal does not suffer needlessly when it is captured.


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