Cats are a huge weapon in your war for supremacy over these pesky mice!

But it does have one drawback – you can’t use snap traps to catch mice.

When you want to remove mice from your home, you can do without limiting the mouse traps options, right?

We recommend…
Victor M250S
The Victor M250S is an awesome cat-safe mouse trap! I have used these in the past where there is a cat present in the house.

In this post, we are going to take a look at 5 of the best cat safe mouse traps!

With a cat and some cat safe mouse traps, you can be sure that all of the mice are gone for good

5 Best Cat Safe Mouse Traps

Victor M250S Cat Safe Mouse Trap

electric mouse trap pet safe
This Victor Mouse Trap has a safety cut off when the trap is open, which is perfect if you have a cat!

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At the top of this list is the ultra-effective cat-safe mouse trap by Victor! If you want to trap a mouse and make sure it is dead, then use this Victor electronic trap… it is a quick kill mouse trap.

This is the only mouse trap on this page that will kill the mice that are unfortunate enough to take a stroll into the trap. All you have to do is empty out the dead mouse.

There are some product features that we love about this mouse trap, and it is not just the safety feature that disarms the trap when it is open (see below for more info).

Awesome Product Features:

  • Easily removable kill chamber – so you don’t have to see or touch the mouse.
  • Kill indicator – so you know you have caught a mouse just by looking at the trap.
  • 100% kill rate.

Why is this cat-safe?

It is simple. When the trap is open, the trap is deactivated. It is only when the trap is closed, it is active.

That means if your cat somehow managed to get into the trap (to either get the mouse, or get the mouse bait), the trap will not be active, and your cat will not get an electric shock! Winner!

Victor M310S Mouse Trap

tin cat humane mouse trap
Catch up to 30 mice with this Victor live catch mouse trap!

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Next up we have another solution by Victor, and this time it is the humane, easy to use M310S mouse trap.

By far the best thing about this trap is its ability to catch up to 30 mice, which is excellent if you fear you have an infestation! It is also good to use this trap if you are not going to be in your home for a few days.

I use this whenever there is a big mouse problem that needs to be addressed. Simply because it is a trap I can set and forget for 4-5 days and it will sit the catching multiple mice! It is probably one of the best traps for mouse control.

Awesome Product Features:

  • Catches up to 30 mice.
  • Place and forget, before releasing the mice (over 2 miles away).

Why is this cat-safe?

This Victor mouse trap solution is cat safe simply because it is not a trap that has been created to cause any harm to mice.

It is a trap that will be used to catch mice before releasing them back into the wild.

You do have a choice to kill the mice after you catch them, but that is entirely up to you.

Live Catch Cat Safe Mouse Trap

Simple and effective, this animal-friendly mouse trap has worked for me in the past!

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Here we have the first of 2 very simple humane mouse traps which are both cheap, and effective!

The design is simple, you apply your mouse bait of choice (peanut butter works well), lift the black trap door up, and set the trap down in an ideal place.

When the mouse smells the scent of the bait (peanut butter is best), they will take a stroll into the mouse trap, and down comes the black door to make sure it cannot get back out.

I have used these in the past because they are the perfect size to fit into some of the gaps that mice like to travel through.

All you need to do is get rid of the mouse once it has been caught.

Awesome Product Features:

  • Dead easy to set up
  • Live catch and easy release

Why is this cat-safe?

The fact that the trap does not hurt the mouse means it is an excellent cat safe mouse trap.

One of the best things about this option is that is it more of a challenge for a cat to stick their paws in to try and get the mouse.

Humane Mouse Trap

humane mouse trap
This is an awesome and humane mouse trap, designed to catch the rodent unharmed, and safe from pets!

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This is the second, simple humane mouse trap, that is simple to set up and use.

How do you use it?

It is simple, and with the removable bait section, it is even easier. All you need to do is apply the mouse bait onto the bait station and slide it in.

Once the mouse strands on the trigger, the door will shut.

This is another mouse trap that I have used with success in the past.

Awesome Product Features:

  • Dead easy to set up
  • Strong spring to stop your cat playing with the mouse

Why is this cat-safe?

Like the option above, this trap is not designed to hurt the mouse. The design offers a live catch, which means there is nothing in the trap that can hurt your cat.

Tip Trap Mouse Traps

tip trap mouse trap
This is a perfect pet-friendly mouse trap!

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Last on this list is the Trip-Trap style of mouse traps, which are humane, and easy to set up.

The idea is that you load up the end of the trap and seet it in a place where you know mice will travel.

As the mouse reaches the bait, the trap ‘see-saws’ and the door is closed, trapping the Mouse.

Then, you can safely release the mouse (over 2 miles away is best).

I have used this mouse trap in the past because it is perfect to set up in common mice runs in attics and basements. Sometimes it is a struggle to set up snap traps in certain areas, and these offer an excellent alternative.

The only drawback is if you are using these on an uneven surface because if gravity initiates the ‘see-saw’ motion, then you have a triggered trap with no mouse in it!

Also – it goes without saying that it is not very useful if you need a trap to put outside!

Awesome Product Features:

  • Very easy to set up
  • Easy to release the mouse once caught

Why is this cat-safe?

This is a humane trap that has been designed to trap the mouse for you to release later.

That means it has not been designed to kill mice and therefore is totally cat safe, and one that you can safely use around children and pets.

Cat Safe Mouse Traps – Things To Consider

Covered Snap Traps – Are They Cat Safe?

When looking for a mouse trap that is safe for cats or other pets, you need to consider whether or not your cat will be injured by the device. A snap trap will injure your pet, so it is best not to use one.

For instance, some ‘cat-safe’ mouse traps are simply covered snap traps. In my opinion, these are not to be considered cat-friendly! 

Cats have long legs, right? If they smell the mouse bait you have applied to the trap, they may be inclined to stick their leg in to scrape some out. If your cat’s paw gets anywhere near the snap trap (which is possible), then they could end up with a damaged paw.

Long story short, if you want a mouse trap to use around children and pets, a snap trap is not the best option.

Is Poison Cat-Safe In A Mouse Trap?

Many mouse traps offer a ‘live capture’ feature which is good if you want the mouse to be trapped while the poison takes effect. After all, you do not want a rodent dying in your cavity walls!

Consider whether or not your cat will be able to stick their paw in to get some of the poison out. Also, it is worth remembering that if a cat eats a mouse who has ingested poison, the cat will take it in too.

Live Mouse Traps With Clear Roof

Cats are cats! If they see a mouse, they want it.

If you purchase a live mouse catcher with a clear roof, you are able to see if you have caught any mice. This is a great feature… unless you have a cat!

Your cat will see the mouse (or mice) and will do whatever they can to open it up and start playing with the rodents.


Having a cat is an awesome idea if you want to keep mice away! If you need to use traps, always ensure that you use cat safe mouse traps because you do not want your biggest weapon to sustain an injury!

All of the options on this page are perfect, and you can be sure that these traps will work with your cat to make your home mice-free.

Not only are they good traps to when you have a cat, but they are also good is if have other pets, and kids too.

Good luck!

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