7 Best Mouse Trap Options – Effective Mice Control

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The feeling you get when you have mice in your home is terrible! You need to get rid of the mice, and fast! You need to start with some mouse traps. But, there are so many traps to choose from…what are the best mouse trap options? 

How do you use them?

Well, you can lower the panic levels, just a little. We know you still have mice in your home, and we know it isn’t good. Especially when you remember that mice can carry some nasty diseases…sorry, we know you do not want to hear that, but we have to tell you!

Using traps to catch mice is a classic way of getting rid of mice in your home, but you also need to take some steps to protect your property from mouse invasion. Once you sure up your defenses and you have caught some mice, you can be sure that all the mice are gone!

First things first, which mouse trap do you purchase?

Here is a quick comparison of the 7, followed by a description of each option.

Mouse Trap Comparision Guide

Mouse Trap Method Cost Single or Multi Catch
Classic Mouse Snap Trap Kill Low Single
No Touch No See Mouse Trap by Victor Kill Medium Single
Intruder – The Better Mouse Trap Kill Low Single
Victor Quick Kill Mouse Trap Kill Low Single
Victor Tin Cat Mouse Trap Capture Low Multi
Humane Live Catch Mouse Trap Capture Medium Single
Tip-Trap Humane Mouse Trap Capture Low Single


7 Best Mouse Trap Options – The Details

1. Classic Mouse Snap Trap

Acmind Mouse Trap, Small Mice Traps That Work, Mice Snap Trap with Detachable Bait Cup, Sanitary Safe and Effective Indoor Mouse Catcher - 6 Pack

The classic mouse snap trap design has been enhanced with a set of jaws to increase success rate!

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Let’s begin with an option that is built in the classic ‘mouse trap’ style.

Our favorite mouse trap, the snap trap!

The design is simple. You load the mouse bait in the bait cup, the mouse sniffs out the bait and heads over to the trap. The mouse steps up onto the pedal to get closer to the bait and BAM, the trap is triggered and the jaws snap shut, killing the mouse in an instant.

What makes this the best mouse trap, above all others? Because they have taken the classic mouse trap design and added jaws.

The jaws on this trap are vital, especially if you are suffering from a disappearing mouse trap! Some of the older snap traps were designed with 1 bar that snaps down when triggered. We found that smaller mice were able to get away from these traps. With the addition of the jaws, it adds 2 benefits:

  1. It the mouse is within the trap, the jaw still gets it!
  2. The trap feels more enclosed, and more secure for the mouse, lulling it into a false sense of security.

Why This Is An Effective Option

These are effective mouse traps because of the power by which the jaws slam shut. If a mouse is caught with these jaws, it will not survive!

We use these mouse traps every time, because they extremely effective.


  • Easy to set up and bait
  • Powerful springs increase the effectiveness
  • Cheap
  • Re-useable


  • Watch your fingers when setting them up
  • It can create a mess if it is a direct hit!

How To Use These Snap Traps

These traps are simply to set up and use:

  1. Apply your tasty mouse trap bait to the bait cup
  2. Place the trap in the perfect place
  3. Push the pedal down to set the trap
  4. Check every 2 days

2. No Touch No See Mouse Trap by Victor

Victor M250S No Touch, No See Upgraded Electronic Mouse Trap - 1 Pack

This mouse trap by Victor offers a ‘hands-off’ approach to catching mice around your home!

View Price On Amazon

If you want to get rid of mice in your home, but you do not want to see or touch the mice, then the Victor No Touch, No See is the best option for you!

The idea is simple, the trap is loaded with some mouse bait, and left in one of the best places to put a mouse trap.

The mouse walks into the trap, and the Victor No Touch, No See delivers a humane, high voltage shock which kills the mouse within seconds.

The trap is powered by 4 AA batteries, which gives the device enough power to kill over 100 mice before you need to replace them.

Why This Is An Effective Option

The No See, No Touch is affective at killing mice because it delivers a high voltage shock that a mouse cannot survive.

We recommend using this trap if you have cats or kids.


  • You do not see the mouse
  • You do not touch the mouse
  • Capable of 100 kills before the batteries need to be changed
  • Cat and child-friendly
  • Indicator light shows a successful kill


  • Needs batteries

How To Use The Victor No Touch No See

  1. Take the bait cup out
  2. Apply your mouse bait to the trap
  3. Put the bait cup back in
  4. Place the trap against a wall
  5. Check every 2 days

3. Intruder – The Better Mouse Trap

Intruder 30442 The Better Mousetrap, 6-Pack

The powerful springs on The Better Mouse Trap by Intruder acts to suffocate the mouse, and they absolutely work!

View Price On Amazon

The Intruder trap is very similar to the classic ‘jaws snap trap’ on this page but with one slight difference. There are no sharp jaws!

The fact there are no sharp jaws means less of a mess to clean up! It also means there is a possibility that the mouse may not have been killed instantly.

To be completely honest with you, the Intruder has been just as successful for us as the sharp jaw snap traps, so deserves a place on this list of the best mouse trap options.

Why This Is An Effective Option

The Better Mouse Trap by Intruder is designed to suffocate the mouse when the jaws slam shut, which it does very effectively! It does this with the strengthened springs, which results in a trap that is impossible to escape from once caught.


  • Strong trap
  • No touch, easy to dispose of a mouse
  • Easy to clean
  • Do not look like mouse traps


  • Suffocation can take a few minutes, so not very humane

How To Use The Intruder Mouse Trap

Using the Intruder mouse trap is exactly the same as using any snap trap.

  1. Load the trap with mouse bait
  2. Put the trap in a perfect place to catch a mouse
  3. Set the trap by pushing the pedal down
  4. Check the trap in 2 days

4. Victor Quick Kill Mouse Trap

Victor M140S Quick Kill Mouse Trap, 2-Pack Easy to Set mouse trap

This Quick Kill option does exactly what it says! The design ensures that the trap falls directly onto the neck, instantly killing the mouse.

View Price On Amazon

Earlier, I mentioned that the jaws on a snap trap make all the difference. I also mentioned that I was not keen on the ‘bar’ snap traps. There is an exception to those…and it is the Victor Quick Kill!

Why do we like the Quick Kill by Victor? Because of the way the trap entices the mouse to put its head in the hole before the trap is triggered. These traps have clearly been designed to snap down on the neck, killing the mouse instantly (as the name suggests!)

Why This Is An Effective Option

I must admit, the design of this mouse trap is the key reason why it is on this page!

The bait is put inside the trap, leaving a little gap for the mouse to place its head. When the mouse is enticed by the bait, it will place its head in the hole. The trap will fall straight onto the mouse’s neck, killing the mouse instantly.

This is why we recommend the Quick Kill by Victor!


  • Instant kill
  • Easy to clean
  • No-touch removal
  • Perfectly designed


  • Slightly more expensive option

How To Use The Victor Quick Kill Mouse Traps

  1. Load up the bait by lifting the bait lid
  2. Place the mouse trap against a wall (trap facing the wall)
  3. Set the trap by pulling the red lever back
  4. Check the trap in 2 days

5. Victor Tin Cat Mouse Trap

Victor TIN CAT Humane Live Mouse Trap M310S - Indoor Outdoor

If you have a mice infestation, the Tin Cat by Victor is an awesome option! Catch up to 30 mice per sitting.

View Price On Amazon

When you need to get rid of an army of mice, setting 2 or 3 traps is not going to cut it!

What you need is a trap that can catch up to 30 mice at one time. That is why we recommend the Victor Tin Cat as one of the best mouse trap options.

You may or may not know that mice rarely come as a single mouse. If you have week points in your home, mice will get in. Not just one…lots!

To make the job of getting rid of mice much easier, it is worth considering the Victor Tin Cat trap.

Why This Is An Effective Option

The Tin Cat mouse trap by Victor is effective because it has the ability to capture 30 mice in one sitting. The mice will be enticed in by the tasty bait you have left for it, but once they get in, there is no way out!

This does leave you with the job of disposing of the live mice though, but the more you catch, the less you have in your home.


  • Catch multiple mice
  • Cheap option
  • Easy to set up


  • You have to get rid of the live mice

How To Use The Tin Cat Mouse Trap

  1. Lift the lid
  2. Place the mouse bait inside the trap
  3. Close the lid
  4. Set the trap with the entrance close to the wall
  5. Check after 2 days

6. Humane Live Catch Mouse Trap

CaptSure Original Humane Mouse Traps, Easy to Set, Kids/Pets Safe, Reusable for Indoor/Outdoor use, for Small Rodent/Voles/Hamsters/Moles Catcher That Works. 2 Pack (Small)

This humane mouse trap offers a safe way to catch mice!

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Some folks do not like to kill mice, we can understand that. They do look cute when they are not destroying your home!

There are quite a few humane mouse traps available. Some work very well, and some do not.

This mouse trap works very well, simply because it traps the mouse and keeps the door shut with a spring.

Why This Is An Effective Option

This humane mouse trap is very effective due to the springs that keep the door closed once the trap is triggered.

We have used these traps multiple times in the past, each time they have successfully trapped a mouse inside.

Once the mouse enters the trap, it will not be able to get out. Be wary though, small mice might be able to get their teeth through the tiny holes. If they can do that, they might be able to chew their way through and escape, because mice can chew through plastic.

Check these traps on a regular basis. We suggest daily checks.


  • The door is held closed by strong springs
  • No-touch release
  • Easy to clean and reuse


  • Small mice can chew their way out if left for long enough

How To Use These Humane Mouse Traps

  1. Take out the bait station (easily removable)
  2. Apply mouse bait, and slide back in
  3. Set the trap to run parallel with the wall
  4. Check each day
  5. Dispose of live mice

7. Tip-Trap Humane Mouse Trap

Kness Tip-Trap 109-0-001 Live-Capture Mouse Trap

The ingenious design of this mouse trap ensures the mouse does not escape once caught, but it can be a challenge to set up on uneven surfaces.

View Price On Amazon

This mouse trap design is fascinating! It is so simple, and yet so effective!

This model of mouse traps is one of the very first we used to catch mice. We used these traps because the owner of the property did not want to kill the mice. Since then, these traps are used regularly.

They can be a bit tricky to set up, and although they are one of the best mouse trap options, we recommend other traps for floors that are not even.

Why This Is An Effective Option

Why? Because the design is so awesome! The mouse takes a stroll into the trap, the trap tips over, the door shuts, and the mouse is trapped. There is no way out.

If the mouse tried to get to the end of the trap where the door is, the trap simply tips back over which blocks the door from being opened. Engineering genius, right?


  • Cheap
  • Effective for catching mice
  • Awesome design


  • Can be a challenge if the floor is not an even surface
  • False captures are common

How To Use A Tip-Trap Mouse

  1. Remove the bait station
  2. Apply mouse bait and replace the bait station
  3. Open the trap door
  4. Rest the door columns on the floor with the trap tipped towards the floor
  5. Check every 2 days


In this post, we have run through the 7 best mouse trap options for you to consider. Each one of these traps is an effective mouse catching machine!

As we mentioned a the beginning of this post, catching the mice will not get rid of them forever. They will be back… unless you take some steps to block common mouse entry points.

Good luck catching the mice, and good luck keeping them out!


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