Victor M310S Mouse Trap Review

Welcome to a review of our favorite mouse traps, the Victor M310S.

In this post, we will look at the M310S to see if it is a good option to help eliminate mice.

Victor M310S Mouse Trap

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Victor M310S Mouse Trap Review – Details

Mouse Capture Type

The Victor M310S is a live catch mouse trap capable of catching up to 30 mice per sitting.

If you are looking for a live catch mouse trap that you want to set and leave for a few days, this is the mouse trap for you.

When this trap is set, the mice will walk into one of the two entrances to the trap.

As soon as the mouse reaches the bait, the trap door will shut, and you will trap the mouse. Once in the trap, there is no way the mouse can open the trap to escape.

Victor M310S Mouse Entrance

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Ease Of Use

The Victor M310S is extremely easy to use.

As this is a live catch mouse trap, there is no ‘snap’ trigger to set. That means you will not hurt your fingers when setting the trap! That is good news for clumsy folks like me.

Lift the lid, apply the bait, close the lid and wait for the mice to stroll in. It couldn’t be easier, right?


Baiting The Victor M310S

Baiting the Victor 310S is super easy!

Lift the lid and place the bait in between both entrances.

Victor Baited Mouse Trap

Make sure you use some tasty mouse trap bait! The better the bait, the more successful the trap!


This mouse trap is very effective at catching mice, and we have identified the Victor M310S as one of the best mouse traps for:

The Victor M310S is effective because a mouse will look at the opening to the trap and see a route to safety. Mice prefer to move in restricted areas, safe from predators. Tunnels are a perfect route for a mouse, and this trap looks like a tunnel!

Not only does it look like a tunnel, but the bait will guide the mouse down the tunnel and into the trap.

Make sure you use the best mouse trap bait to help guide the mouse into the trap!


The Victor M310S can be seen as the perfect humane mouse trap on one condition:

Check the trap every 2 days!

Why should you check this trap every 2 days? Because it is not very humane to leave a mouse in the trap to starve! Starving means suffering, the opposite of humane.



If you want an effective, humane mouse trap capable of catching more than one mine per sitting, then the Victor M310S is the mouse trap for you!

If you do not want to deal with a live mouse (you will need to release the mice back into the wild), then you should look at any of the other options we have identified as awesome mouse traps!

Good luck!


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