Found Mouse Droppings But No Mouse? Step by Step Guide Here

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Battling with a mouse infestation is a challenge! Sometimes you know for certain that you have mice, the evidence is clear… you have signs that you have mice in your attic, they may even be keeping you up at night!

But what about the signs that are not particularly clear?

One of the most frustrating signs is when you find mouse droppings but no mouse. What do you do next?

Help! I Have Found Mouse Droppings But No Mouse!

do I have mice because I found droppings

1. Take Stock

The first thing you need to do be thankful that you have only found mouse droppings and no mouse because you might be in luck!

You may have caught the mouse infestation right at the beginning!

I am not suggesting that you definitely have got lucky, but there is a chance. Mice tend to be much more active at night, so you will need to wait until the evening to see if you hear any noises around your home.

2. Clean Up

It is imperative that you clean up any food!

Mice are attracted to food, warmth, protection, and comfort. If your home has a rich source of food (crumbs, opened food boxes, etc), then you are basically inviting mice into your home.

Clean your food away and remove one of the attractions.

Don’t just stop with the kitchen either, perform a deep clean all over your home. Clear any food, and store items correctly – especially in your attic!

3. Find Mice Access Points

Take a look around your home for common mouse entry points.

It is clear that at least one mouse has entered your home!

It is vital that you fix any entry points to stop more mice from getting into your home.

I perform regular checks around my property to catch any entry points that have appeared since the last time I checked. It is much easier to stop mice getting in, compared with getting rid of them once they are in your home!

4. Get Some Traps

If you think you may have mice in your home, you should certainly consider purchasing one of the best mouse trap options.

Read this guide for setting mouse traps if you are not sure. It is important that mouse traps are set correctly, or it could result in your bait being stolen! While you are at it, you will need some of the best mouse bait to tempt them onto the trap.

I have at least 6 mouse traps set up around my home, even though I am confident they can’t get in. I have snap traps in the attic, and pet-friendly mouse traps outdoors. I do this because you can never be 100% certain that a mouse will not enter your home.

5. Clean Up The Mouse Droppings

Mice droppings can carry some very nasty diseases, such as Hantavirus.

Cleaning up after the mouse is vital if you want you and your family to stay healthy!

You should clean every area where you have seen or heard mice activity. Ensure that you have removed all evidence of mouse droppings.

6. Stay Vigilant

Now that you have seen mouse droppings, you need to remain vigilant.

  • Listen for noises
  • Check your attic for signs of mice
  • Check your garage for signs of mice
  • Just check anywhere for signs of mice!

You cannot afford to rest on your laurels, just because you have not seen a mouse. The fact that you have seen mouse droppings is a warning sign and one that you need to pay attention to.

I guess you should remain in am ‘amber alert’ situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

found mouse droppings

How dangerous are mouse droppings?

Mouse droppings can be very dangerous! Hantavirus can be transmitted through coming into contact or even inhaling the dust from mouse droppings. For this reason, it is very important to find mouse droppings and clean them up, just in case.

Can you get sick from mice droppings?

Yes, you can. If you have come into contact with mouse droppings, keep an eye on common symptoms of Hantavirus.

How can you tell if mouse droppings are fresh?

When mouse droppings are fresh, they are generally darker in color and are slightly moist to touch.


If you have found mouse droppings but no mouse, you may have got a mouse infestation at the right time, but you may not.

It is important that you follow up on the sighting to ensure that your home does not become infested with mice!

If you do not do something about it, you could end up with a mice infestation. They will be all over your house chewing electrical wires, building nests, and urinating all over your sentimental items in the attic! Now that you have seen droppings, you should be in a state of readiness for any other signs.

They are not just annoying, mice are also dangerous. I mentioned above that they can chew through electrical cables to cause a fire. They are well known for spreading disease, and they are generally dirty.

Good luck – and I hope for your sake that you have caught it just in time. Oh, and while you are dealing with mouse droppings, keep yourself safe!


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