Where Do Mice Nest In A House? 6 Tempting Areas

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I believe in treating all creatures with respect. My mission is to ensure everyone understands how to protect their home from rodents without using cruel methods.

After checking some common signs that you have mice in your home, your initial thought is to get rid of them! This will include searching for and getting rid of a nest. Where do mice nest in a house?

To ensure that all the mice are gone, you will need to find any live mice and any nest they may have created.

In this post, we will guide you through the most common places that mice will set up a nest in your home.

mice nest in house

What Does a Mouse Nest Look Like?

Before answering the question, ‘how do I find a mouse nest in my house?’ you first need to understand what one looks like. Let’s look at the structure of a mouse nest to know what you are looking for.

Mice nests can be made up of any material, depending entirely on what material is available for the mice to use, making it a little difficult.

The most common nesting material used by a house mouse setting up a nest in your home are:

  • Paper (and shredded paper)
  • Card
  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Leaves
  • Insulation Material
  • Twigs
  • Plastic
  • Most Soft Materials

Mice are not known to be very clean creatures and will leave various items around their nesting zone, which makes finding a mouse nest easier. Look for collections of the following items:

Here are some mouse nest examples:

Mouse nest example 1

Where Do Mice Nest In A House nest example 1

In this nest, we can see several baby mice and various materials used to construct the nest. We can see feathers and pieces of paper have been used.

Try to imagine what it will look like without the baby mice in. When looking for a mouse nest, it may or may not be full of mice.

Mouse nest example 2

Where Do Mice Nest In A House nest example 2

In this mouse nest example, we can see the mother peering at the camera while protecting her litter.

The nest is made up of more materials this time. We can see twigs, wool (or maybe insulation material), leaves, and pieces of paper. Note there are a few mouse droppings in there too! They are not very hygienic.

Mouse nest example 3

Where Do Mice Nest In A House nest example 3

This is a mouse nest inside a car engine compartment! Yup, they nest in here too. Rodents have been known to nest in a car before, especially if the car is not often used.

This mouse nest is made from objects such as cloth, leaves, and torn-up pieces of paper.

Where Do Mice Nest In A House

To find mice nests in a house, you need to understand the most common places they will set up a nest, so let’s take a look.

6 places mice nest in your home infogram.

Your Attic

When asked, ‘where do mice nest in a house?’, my first answer will always be your attic. If mice nest in the house, your attic is the most likely place!

Your attic is the most common area where a mouse will set up a nest, and it is where we have found most mice nests.

There are good reasons why mice like to set up nests in an attic:

  • Safe from predators
  • Easy access to your home
  • Dry
  • Tons of items to use for a nest

Underneath Kitchen Cabinets

Mice like to set up nests in your kitchen, and the reason is obvious when you think about it! Where do you store most of your food? In the kitchen, of course!

You should thoroughly check under and behind each of your kitchen cabinets for evidence of a mouse nest.

While you are checking your kitchen, you should check behind appliances too.

Underneath and Inside Furniture

Your sofa is a target for a mouse to set up a nest because it offers warmth and protection from predators.

Remember that mice only need a tiny hole to gain entry and easily chew through whatever material your sofa is made from (more details of items that mice can chew through here).

Check your sofas and chairs for evidence that mice have gained entry.

Behind Heaters

Mice love being warm, cozy, and safe from predators. Your heater offers all of these things to a family of mice.

Check behind each heater you have in your home. Better still, identify each warm area of your home because these are common places for mice to set up a nest.

In Your Basement

Your basement is similar to your attic because it offers mice everything they need to set up a nest. It is another common area for mice to nest in a house.

The more you use your basement, the less likely it will be a target for a mouse to set up a nest in it.

Although mice like to nest in your home, they are not keen on coming into contact with humans. Your basement is probably not used as much as other areas of your home, which gives a mouse the perfect opportunity to construct a nest.

In Your Car

Ok, this is not strictly in your house, but if your car is stored in your garage, a mouse may set up a nest.

For a start, it is warmer than it is outside, and a car engine bay also offers protection from predators.

Mice do not understand that setting up a nest inside an engine bay is as dangerous as we know it. As soon as you start your engine, the mice will panic and may try to escape. Once the engine gets hot enough, they are not likely to survive. This is especially true for any baby mice that have not been carried away to safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

Does one mouse mean an infestation?

Not necessarily, no. One mouse may have found its way into your home while looking for food or shelter. If you are lucky, you will notice this and put preventative measures to ensure no other mice follow them through! You need to understand mice’s most common entry points and seal them up.

Is mouse nest removal easy?

Yes, we have removed several mouse nests in the past. It is a simple case of putting the nest structure in a bag and disposing it correctly. The most important part of removing a mouse nest is cleaning up afterward. You will need to thoroughly clean the area to remove mouse dropping and urine smells, these smells will linger!

How many mice are in my house?

That is a difficult one to answer, unfortunately. Simply because the number can vary greatly depending on how long your home has been infested, how easy it is for mice to enter your home, and whether or not they have set up a nest.


Once you realize that you have a possible mouse infestation, you will want to know an answer to the following: Where do mice nest in a house?

Now you know the most common places, it will be a much easier task to identify and remove the nest.

One last note, and it is a significant one. Mice carry some very nasty diseases. When searching for a mouse nest or disposing of a mouse nest, you must look after your health by protecting yourself with the correct gear.

Always use the following items:

While these are the most common indoor mice nest areas, there are likely to be more! You need to follow the signs and check everywhere. Some mouse nesting areas are very secluded.

Good luck!


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I believe in treating all creatures with respect. My mission is to ensure everyone understands how to protect their home from rodents without using cruel methods.

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