How To Attract Mice Out Of Hiding

Mice are shy rodents. In fact, most rodents are.

It is frustrating that now you have found a mouse (probably in a common mouse hiding place), you cannot tempt it out to capture it! You need to know how to lure out a mouse.

This post will explain the steps you can take to tempt a mouse out of hiding. Whether you plan to catch it, trap a mouse, or plan to observe and grab a few photos with the mouse.

Good luck getting a selfie, though!

Before we begin, you need to know that mice can carry some diseases, such as Hantavirus. You should always lure out mice with caution!

First of all, let’s cover the reasons why a mouse is hiding from you in the first place. Only then can you understand how to make a mouse come out of hiding!

How To Lure Mice Out Of Hiding

Why Do Mice Hide From Humans?

It is an obvious question with a more obvious answer! Mice are scared of humans, plain and simple.


Because we are much bigger than they are! What would you do if a giant tried to tempt you out of a hiding place? You would stay there. I know I would!

It is not just your size that will concern a mouse. They will likely have run into a human before, which probably didn’t go well. Most people consider mice to be pests, and when faced with a pest, most people will react with an attempt to attack the mouse.

If that happens to this mouse, it will be fearful of any human. Therefore, the mouse will remain in a place of relative safety until the threat has passed. i.e., you have left the area.

How To Attract Mice Out Of Hiding – Our Guide

mouse hiding
Here are some tips on how you can attract mice from hiding!

Leave The Area

If you want to know how to make a mouse come out of hiding, you will need to start by withdrawing from the area where the mouse is hiding!

I know you want to get to the mouse. I know you want to capture or take pictures of it, but if you are standing around waiting for the mouse to stroll out of its hiding place, it will not be tempted.

It would be best to leave the area, or the mouse will not leave the safety of its hiding place.

Leave Some Tasty Mouse Bait

The best way to lure a mouse from hiding is by using food!

Mouse bait is perfect to attract mice out of hiding. Peanut butter works well! Why? Because mice eat a lot!

All of the time.

By leaving some tasty mouse bait in the local area, the mouse will get the scent and leave its hiding place for a snack.

Be warned, mouse bait is not enough to attract mice out of hiding if you are going to stick around.

Set the mouse bait, and disappear out of sight to watch from a safe distance.

Remove Any Threats

It is not just you that mice will be scared of. A mouse will be wary of any object that has not been in that area before.

If you have put new objects down in that area, remove them, because the mouse will be wary of any new objects.

You need to be aware of this when setting mouse traps.

Mice will be wary of any new objects and pick up the scent of anything different. Trapping a mouse takes patience.

For this reason, as part of my DIY pest control techniques, I always leave a few traps scattered around the best areas to leave mouse traps. Because the traps have been there for some time, they will not smell ‘new,’ and they are ready to catch mice at all times!

Tell Everyone Else To Disappear Too

If you have kids, they will naturally be interested in looking at the mouse when it appears, but the mouse is not easy to lure out when a human being is present.

Mice have a fantastic sense of smell and will know you are there even if you are not moving.

While I am on the subject, your scent will remain in that area for some time, so even if you leave it, it will be a while before the mouse feels confident enough to make an appearance.

Lay Down

If you are that desperate to catch or photograph the mouse, we suggest lying down on the ground.

When you reach their level, the mouse will see you as less of a threat, which may tempt them to leave the safety of their hiding place and explore.

How do you get rid of mice when you can’t find them?

mouse hiding under branch

Getting rid of mice when you can’t find them can be a difficult task, but there are a few steps you can take to help solve the problem. Here are some tips:

  1. Start by sealing any entry points that mice may be used to enter your home. This can include holes in walls, gaps around windows and doors, and even small openings in the foundation.
  2. Use mouse traps to try and catch any remaining mice. Place the traps where you have seen signs of mouse activity, such as droppings or gnawed holes. Check the traps regularly and safely dispose of any caught mice.
  3. Consider using a natural repellent, such as peppermint oil, to deter mice from entering your home. This can be particularly effective when combined with sealing entry points.
  4. If you cannot locate the mice or if the problem persists, consider calling a professional pest control service for assistance. They will have the tools and expertise to find and eliminate any remaining mice.

Remember, the key to getting rid of mice when you can’t find them is to be thorough and persistent.

How do you find a hidden mouse in your house?

Here are a few steps to increase your chances of success:

  1. Look for signs of mouse activity, such as droppings, gnawed holes, or chew marks. These will help you determine where the mouse might be hiding.
  2. Use your sense of hearing to your advantage. Mice are active at night and are often easier to hear when the house is quiet. Listen for scratching or scampering sounds, particularly in areas such as the walls, attic, or basement.
  3. Set up mouse traps around the house, particularly where you have seen signs of mouse activity. Check the traps regularly and safely dispose of any caught mice.
  4. If you cannot locate the mouse or if the problem persists, consider calling a professional pest control service.

Are mice afraid of humans?

The simple answer is yes. Most living things have a natural fear of larger living things. When you compare your size to a mouse, it is easy to see why a mouse will be afraid of humans!
Also, the mouse may have been in contact with humans. What is the most common response by a human when you notice mice in your home? We try and attack them.

What are mice attracted to?

Mice are attracted to food, warmth, comfort, and protection from predators. In terms of food, a mouse is attracted to many types of food. Fruit, berries, anything sweet, and anything with a strong smell.

Do mice come out when the lights are on?

Mice will come out when the light is on, but they prefer not to, depending entirely on why the mouse is leaving a hiding place.
Mice are nocturnal, which means they are active at night. When there is too much light, they expose themselves to predators. This is something that a mouse will not be comfortable with. If you want to know how to draw out mice from their hiding place, switching off the light is one way!


You may want to know how to lure a mouse out of hiding for several reasons. You are probably here because you have mice in your home and want some pest control ideas.

It could be that you want to catch the mouse to put a swift end to a mouse infestation. You may be outside and want to see the mouse. You may even want to try and get a photograph of it!

You may also have a pet mouse and want to see it.

Either way, using the tips above will greatly enhance the chances of attracting the mouse out of hiding.

Good luck! Please let us know how it goes for you.


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