Can You Scare Mice Away With Noise? Mice Hacks

You know there is a mouse close by. It could be in your walls. It could be in your attic; it could be anywhere! You know that you have a battle on your hands to get rid of mice, but you need an immediate fix with THIS mouse. What if you make a loud noise?

Will that work?

Are there any sounds mice hate?

Can you scare mice away with noise?

Let’s take a look at some of the sounds to keep mice away…

Can You Scare Mice Away With Noise_

If I Make A Noise, Will It Scare The Mouse Away?

The short answer is yes. But what noise scares mice away?

I know from experience that certain noises will scare mice away. Even a small shuffle of a foot will cause the mice to pay attention.

Basically, if you are looking to scare mice away with noise, anything loud or sudden will do! Make it loud, and make it abrupt.

Here I am going to look at some common noises that will scare mice away.

4 Noises That Mice Are Afraid Of

Loud Abrupt Noises

There is no doubt that a loud abrupt noise will cause the mouse to flee. I have seen it so often, even when I try (and fail) to be quiet!

If you hear mice in a wall or an attic, you can loudly bang on the wall or ceiling. Listen for them scurrying away!

Loud abrupt noises are the best way to scare mice away in the first instance.

If you are lucky enough to have noticed a mouse in your home before it has had a chance to settle in, then you should use loud noises to make them scared to stay there!

Ultrasonic Noises

We have recently seen a huge increase in the sale of ultrasonic pest control adapters.

These devices release a sound that can be heard by a rodent but not by a human. Having said that, there have been reports that young children can also hear these sounds as their hearing develops.

Do ultrasonic devices work for pest control? The answer is yes, they HELP, but they will not work on their own as a complete mouse control device.

When using ultrasonic devices to scare mice away, always make sure that you use them in areas where you have noticed mice activity in your home and not in open spaces. The bigger the area, the less they will work to get rid of the mice.

Pet Noises

We all know that having a cat will help to keep mice away, right?

But… if you have a device to play cat sounds, do they scare mice away?

A cat is a natural predator for mice. The sounds of a predator will scare any animal away. The short answer is yes, pet noises will scare mice away, but there are caveats.

Imagine a mouse hears a predator, so it hides in a dark corner of your attic. After venturing out a few times, it can hear the predator but it cannot smell it, or see it.

Over time, would you become more relaxed with the pet noises? I think a mouse probably would. Having said that, if you are looking to scare mice away with noises, then a car sound is an awesome idea!

Human Noise

That’s right, the noise you make is enough to scare mice away if they are close enough to you.

Don’t get me wrong; if you have mice in your attic and hear you underneath, they will not be too scared; however, take a walk up to your attic, and it is a different story altogether.

Mice will not enjoy your company and will be scared of the noise you make in the attic or wherever they are hiding.

When you go into your attic, try to be as loud as possible to put the fear up the mouse or mice. Let them know you are there, and make sure the mice are afraid to stay in your home.

Does Noise Keep Mice Away?

Now that we know which noises mice are afraid of, the question is now ‘does noise keep mice away?’

The simple answer is yes, but it depends on the noise. Loud noises work best to scare mice!

Some folks have clear success when using ultrasonic devices to repel mice. I agree that these devices work; however, you need to use them correctly. The sounds do not travel well through walls and other objects. As the sound travels through objects, it becomes less effective.

If your home is usually quiet, there is more chance that a mouse will feel safe enough to stick around. The more noise you make, the less chance of a mouse settling down in your home.

When you have learned how to scare mice away with noise, it isn’t the only thing you should be doing to keep mice away from your home. The best thing you can do is seal up any mice entry points that allow them to get access to your property.

By sealing these up, you are reducing the chances of a mouse getting in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do high pitched sounds keep mice away?

Ultrasonic devices have been shown to keep mice away but it is not the only thing you need to do to keep mice away. You need to find common mouse entry points and seal them up!

Do cat sounds scare mice?

Yes, cat sounds will scare mice. The only issue I have with this is when a mouse can hear a cat, but cannot see or smell it, the sounds may not be enough. You can simply get a cat…then you will have the sight and smell of a natural predator.

Will the mouse come back after I scare it away?

Simply making loud noises will not keep mice away. It may scare mice away, but most mice will simply run and hide somewhere else in your home. Ultimately, mice are likely to come back even after you have scared it with a loud noise.


Can you scare mice away with noise? Yes…you can! There are tons of noises that mice are afraid of.

If this is the first time you have heard a noise in your home and you think it may be a mouse, you should be making as much noise as possible. You might get lucky, and you might scare the mouse away from your home.

It is unlikely that this is the last time you will hear mice in your home. If a mouse has found its way into your house, another will follow. Now is the time to implement some additional mouse control in your house, including setting some highly rated mouse traps, sealing mouse entry points, and clearing up anything that attracts mice.

Mice can transmit some diseases, so get rid of the problem ASAP!

Good luck.

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