Mouse Bait Stolen? How You Can Avoid This

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It is frustrating, right? You load up your mouse trap with bait, check the trap in two days, and the mouse trap bait has gone, but no mouse has been caught?

What do you do? What CAN you do?

What you will learn in this post:

  1. Why your mouse bait is being stolen.
  2. 5 things you can do to stop it from being stolen.

Being outsmarted by a mouse is no laughing matter, so we are going to discuss what you can do to stop your mouse bait being stolen.

If it makes you feel better, we have had problems with a mouse stealing peanut butter from a trap in the past. After following the tips detailed in this post, we caught it!

Before we begin, check out the mouse bait that we recommend.

What Or Who Is Stealing The Mouse Bait

  • Mice: This is the most obvious suspect, and is likely to be the reason why your bait is going missing.
  • Rats: Similar to a mouse, and under the right circumstances, a rat could be stealing your mouse bait.
  • Cats: If you have a cat, or the trap is outdoors, then it could be the reason why your mouse bait is going missing. Here are some cat safe mouse trap options to consider.
  • Bigger Rodents: A larger rodent could be stealing your mouse bait. These include chinchillas, squirrels, and many other rodents.
  • Dogs: If you have mouse traps outside, then a dog must be in a list of suspects.
  • Other Animals: To be honest, any animal could be stealing your mouse bait!

Avoid Your Mouse Bait Being Stolen

5 Ways Your Can Stop Your Mouse Bait From Being Stolen Infographic
  • Use effective mouse trapsBy using one of the most effective mouse traps, you are limiting the chances of false triggers which result in your mouse bait being stolen, but no mouse being caught.
  • Place mouse traps in the correct areas: If you lay your mouse traps in the correct areas, you are making sure that a mouse is going to come in contact with the trap.
  • Load the bait correctly: Only place the required amount of bait in the bait cup of the mouse trap. If you load too much bait onto the trap, there is a possibility that the trap will malfunction.
  • Use humane mouse traps: Consider the use of humane mouse traps. Most humane versions have the mouse bait on the inside of the trap and are not accessible unless the animal enters the trap. This will stop larger animals from stealing bait (such as peanut butter) from your mouse trap.
  • Place the mouse trap in the correct way: Place the mouse trap with the trap facing the wall. This will stop mice or rats from stealing the bait whilst avoiding being caught. Setting your mouse traps in confined spaces is also a great idea to stop the bait from being stolen.

Mouse Bait and Trap Theft!

mouse bait stolen thief

It is extremely frustrating when your mouse bait has been taken. We usually load up our traps with peanut butter. We have had times when a mouse was stealing peanut butter from the trap and it left us baffled!

There were also times when the mouse trap bait had gone but no mouse had been caught. We also had times when the entire mouse trap had disappeared!

When it happens, it is time to take a step back and think about ways you can improve the effectiveness of your mouse control.

Mouse Stealing Peanut Butter From Trap?

As I mentioned above, peanut butter is the best mouse trap bait to use. It is a top option simply because it is difficult to get off the trap due to its sticky nature!

That doesn’t mean that it is impossible though, especially if your trap is faulty, or simply doesn’t register that a mouse has stepped on it.

If a mouse can steal your bait without springing the trap, you need another trap!

If you have a mouse that is stealing peanut butter from your trap, then I recommend you use another trap.

Humane traps are an excellent way of ensuring mice do not escape. If they get to the bait, they are already trapped!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does using a glue trap help when the bait is being stolen?

My preference is not to use glue traps at all. For me, glue traps are not a humane way of catching mice. Having said that, they can be very effective.

How do mice get peanut butter off traps?

Simple – your trap is not sensitive enough. I recommend using another mouse trap. Go for a humane mouse trap if possible. It does mean that you will have a live mouse to deal with though! Snap traps are good if you use traps that are sensitive enough to trigger when a mouse steps on it.


Catching mice in your home can be a challenge. In your quest to get rid of mice in your home, you need to reduce the chances of your mouse bait being stolen.

In this post, we have given you some tips on how you can make sure this doesn’t happen.

As always, you should be careful when handling mouse traps, and mice. Mice carry some very nasty diseases! Your health is vital.

Good luck!


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