How To Deter Rats From your Yard – 6 Tips

Rats are widespread, and they are regular visitors to your home, whether you know about it or not. As a chancer, a rat will approach your home looking for food. If it finds a way into your home while hunting for food, it will take advantage. Next thing you know, you have a rat’s nest in your home! To get to your home, the rat will need to navigate through your yard. How do you deter rats from your Yard?

In this post, you will learn:

  1. 6 ways you can deter rats from your yard.

6 tips that deter Rats from your yard

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Set traps in the local area

How To Deter Rats From your Yard set traps

Although this is not technically a deterrent, it does stop rats from getting very far in your yard!

Rats are looking for food, pretty much all of the time. Traps with some attractive food will ensure the rats will not venture too far without being caught.

It is worth considering which trap to use in your yard when catching rats. The options are as follows:

  • Snap Traps – Work well, but there is a danger of catching other wildlife.
  • Door Traps – These tempt the rat in and keep it trapped until you check.
  • Electric Traps – Similar to the door traps, but these electrocute rats when they enter.
  • Poison – Has no way to discourage other wildlife from eating it. Also, if a rat takes the bait and is eaten by a predator, it will be poisoned.

My personal preference is to go for the door traps with poison in. That way, the rat will take the bait but will be trapped. Check the trap every few days and clear out any dead Rats.

Get a cat

How To Deter Rats From your Yard get a cat

Cats are an awesome rat and mouse deterrent! Not only will their scent warn rodents away from your property, but those who are still brave enough to enter will also be chased away by your cat.

Set up a nice, comfortable place for your cat to rest in your yard. If your cat is ever-present in your yard, it will act as an almighty deterrent for rats and other rodents in general.

Cut down hiding places.

How To Deter Rats From your Yard cut down shrubs

Rats like to travel undercover. They will only venture into wide-open spaces if they need to. Bushes, plants, and trees offer some excellent cover that rats will use to travel and keep out of the way of predators.

The more a rat travels in an open space, the more it is exposed to predators from above, such as owls, and other birds of prey.

Your yard will no doubt be covered with plants and bushes. The key thing is to make your yard more open and more inconvenient for a rat to travel in.

While you are checking your yard for shrubbery to cut down, take a look at

Get an electronic rat deterrent

How To Deter Rats From your Yard electric Rat deterrent

It is difficult to say with 100% authority that electronic, ultrasonic rat deterrents work.

My negativity is that some users purchase an ultrasonic rat deterrent, but I cannot be sure they are being used effectively. After a discussion with several users, I can see varying levels of success when using one of these devices, and I am sure this is down to how they are being used.

Also, it is worth remembering that mice and rats are very adaptive. Sure, they can be deterred by ultrasonic deterrents, but they will find another area to travel and set up a nest when they learn to avoid these areas. If you are going to buy one, it is best to buy a few to ensure all areas are covered.

You will also need some external power sockets in your yard to power the devices.

Store food correctly

How To Deter Rats From your Yard store food correctly

If you store food in your yard, ensure all food items are stored correctly.

Rats can chew through a large number of items. They need to gnaw to keep their teeth at a decent length constantly.

Do not store food in:

  • Plastic Bags
  • Plastic Containers
  • Woven Bags
  • Wooden Boxes

Do store food in:

  • Strong, sealed, metal containers
  • Glass Containers

Food is the number 1 reason why rats will enter your yard; removing food attraction will reduce the chances. It will not deter a rat from entering your yard, but it will remove part of the attraction.

Remove bird feeders

How To Deter Rats From your Yard remove bird feeder

Very similar to the tip above! Rats enter your yard looking for food. Now that you have stored all of your food correctly, the next step is to remove the bird feeder.

Some people love feeding birds, and looking out of your window at a bird feeder full of wild birds is relaxing. Unfortunately, having a bird feeder will attract rats and other rodents. Rodents and Birds eat seeds and nuts.

If the attraction of seeing birds feeding in your yard is too great for you, the only thing you can do is take down the bird feeder during the night, when the rats are most active. It will not stop other rodents feeding on it, though, such as squirrels.


If you want to know how to deter rats from your yard, then the 6 tips above will certainly help!

The last thing you want is rats in your home, and your yard is the last line of defense before they get to your house. Deterring rats from entering your yard is a great way of ensuring a rat-free home and will also remove the potential health hazards of having these rodents near your property.

Always keep in mind the other wildlife when deterring rats from entering your yard. Do not use poison (unless it is in a small trap, only big enough for a rat to enter). Do not use the snap traps, because you might catch the next-door neighbors cat or dog.

Good luck – and if you have found a tip that works for you and it is not on this list, please get in touch! We would love you hear from you.

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