Rats will enter your home because it offers protection, comfort, and food. To stop this from happening you need to know how to keep rats away from your home, right? After all, if they are not near your home, they won’t be able to get in!

Here we give you 8 things that you can do to keep rats away from your home.

How To Keep Rats Away From Your Home – 8 Tips

Keeping rats away from your home is not easy. For a start, there is nothing that you can do to stop rats getting close to your home. Having said that, if you implement these tips, you vastly reduce the chances of a rat getting close to your home.

how to keep rats away from your home

Seal the entrances

how to keep rats away from your home fill holes

The most important thing you can do to stop rats from getting into your home is to seal the entrances that can be used to gain entry. Although this isn’t what keeps rats away from your home, it does stop them from getting in, which is vital, right?

Rats only need a hole the size of their head to get through and destroy your home. The first thing you should do is take a walk around your home and identify any small holes, especially around cable entry points. To fill a gap effectively, add in a ball of wire wool and fill around it.

Once you have secured your property, you can move on to make the land around your home less attractive to rats.

Set traps around your home

how to keep rats away from your home set traps

If a rat wants to enter your land, it will. To ensure it does not get much further than the perimeter, simply add some traps and check them regularly.

It is worth considering which trap to use in your yard when catching rats. The options are as follows:

  • Snap Traps – Work well but there is a danger of catching other wildlife.
  • Door Traps – These tempt the Rat in and keep it trapped until you check.
  • Electric Traps – Similar to the door traps, but these electrocute rats when they enter.
  • Poison – Has no way to discourage other wildlife from eating it. Also, if a rat takes the bait and is eaten by a predator, they will also be poisoned.

My personal preference is to go for the door traps with poison in. That way, the rat will take the bait but will be trapped. Simply check the trap every few days and clear out any dead rats.

Get a cat

how to keep rats away from your home get a cat

Cats are an awesome rat and Mouse deterrent! Not only will their scent warn rodents away from your property, but those who are still brave enough to enter will also be chased away by your cat.

Set up a few comfortable places around your property for your cat to rest. Cats are very territorial creatures and will ensure their domain is clearly marked. If you want to keep rats away from your home, the smell of a cat will do the job, especially if they are present during the night time.

If you have set up some comfortable areas for your cat, it will include those in its territory and will mark them as needed.

Cut down hiding places

how to keep rats away from your home cut down shrubs

Rats like to travel undercover. They will only venture into wide-open spaces if they need to. Bushes, plants, and trees offer some excellent cover which rats will use to travel and keep out of the way of predators.

The more a rat travels in an open space, the more it is exposed to predators from above, such as owls, and other birds of prey.

Your job is to check for any overhanging trees and bushes that are close to your home. Rats are excellent climbers and can easily scale a tree and gain access to your house through the roof.

Cut these access points down to reduce the chances of your house being used to host a family of rats!

Get an electronic rat deterrent

how to keep rats away from your home electric Rat deterrent

Ultrasonic Rat deterrent devices can work. After discussing the success rate with a number of users, the feedback was both positive and negative.

Some users were very pleased with the devices, and some reported that they did not deter rats effectively. I am not convinced that the devices were being used correctly, or even if the users had enough devices.

It is worth considering covering more of your house with these devices, and even covering some points in your yard.

Rats are clever. If they are deterred by an ultrasonic device they will simply avoid that area. If your entire house is not covered, they will find a way to get in and set up a nest.

Fill Your Cavities

how to keep rats away from your home fill cavity walls

One of the most common places for a rat to nest is in the cavity of your walls. Once they find a hole small enough to crawl through, the first place they get to is the cavity.

Not only do they use the cavity walls as a nesting spot, but it is also an excellent rat run which enabled them to navigate through your home whilst offering excellent protection from predators.

You can make it difficult for a rat to enter your home by filling your cavity walls. It can be a very expensive task that certainly requires the skills of a professional. However, if your home is regularly invaded by rats, it is worth considering it as an option.

there is also another excellent benefit to filling your cavity walls. If rats are using them as a rat run or as a nest, there is a possibility that a rat can die. A dead rat in your home will begin to smell within weeks. Hunting for a dead rat in your home is no easy task, and it is even more difficult if it is in the cavity walls. In fact, you will need to pay a professional to hunt it down and remove the body. If you have filled your cavity walls then it reduces the risk of a dead rat decomposing within them.

Store food correctly

how to keep rats away from your home store food correctly

If you store food in your yard, ensure all food items are stored correctly.

Rats can chew through a large number of items, they need to constantly gnaw to keep their teeth at a decent length.

Do not store food in

  • Plastic Bags
  • Plastic Containers
  • Woven Bags
  • Wooden Boxes

Do store food in

  • Strong, sealed, metal containers
  • Glass Containers

Along with security, and comfort, your home is an excellent source of food. A rat will be navigating your home during the early hours of the morning in search of food, so it is vital that you store food correctly.

Remove bird feeders

how to keep rats away from your home take away the bird feeder

Very similar to the tip above! Rats enter your property looking for food. Now that you have stored all of your food correctly, the next step is to remove the bird feeder.

If you have a bird feeder and do not want to remove it, simply clear it of food at night, or completely remove the feeder until the morning. Rats will be looking for food during the night and into the early hours of the morning. Removing the bird feeder will reduce the available food for them.


If you want to know how to keep rats away from your home then the 8 tips above will give you an excellent start.

When asking why rats enter your home, the answers are pretty simple. Warmth, food, comfort, and protection.

Whilst there is no best way to keep rats away from your home, by using all of these methods you are greatly reducing your chances of a rat infestation, and that is the aim, right?

Armed with that information, you can ensure your home is not welcoming for a rat. That is the only way you will keep rats away from your home.

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