Easy Ways To Stop Mice From Getting Under Your Doors

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It is frustrating, right? There are mice in your house and they are keeping you awake at night. It is not the time to go full steam into a mouse control assault, but you need to be able to sleep.

In this post, I am going to run you through some actions you can do now to stop mice from getting under your doors.

How To Stop Mice Getting Under Your Doors In 5 Steps

How To Stop Mice Getting Under Your Doors In 6 Steps

Door Sweep/Draft Stopper

The first thing I would do is buy a draft stopper (see on Amazon).

They look like this:

stop mice getting under doors

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Draft stoppers work by blocking off the area at the bottom of the door so nothing can get through… draft, mouse, insects, etc.

If you want a product to help stop mice from getting under your doors, then you cannot go wrong with a draft stopper! As an added bonus, they stop drafts too!


If you do not have time to wait for something to arrive, then using a towel is my next go-to product!

I would actually use 2 towels. Start with one, and try to get as much of the towel under the door as you can. Leave no gaps!

Once you have a towel under the door, roll another towel up and place it in front of a closed-door as you would a draft excluder.

Sweep The Floor

The most important thing that you can do to stop mice from getting under your door is to ensure you clean up thoroughly.

Mice will absolutely squeeze under your door if they sense the smallest crumb on your floor! Make sure that you sweep up thoroughly so you do not leave any food out that mice will be attracted to.

Clothing Under Door Frame

Pick small items of clothing and wedge them under your door when the door is shut.

This is similar to the towel option above, but the clothes you pick should be lighter material which means they are more likely to fit in the gap between the door and your floor.

Aluminum Foil

If you are getting desperate nothing else is working, then you can crunch up some aluminum foil to push under your door. The aluminum will act as a barrier between rooms, which may dissuade the mouse from trying to enter.

Some folks say that mice do not like to chew through aluminum foil but I am not so sure (here are things that mice can chew through). I know that mice do not like chewing through wire wool, but I do not recommend putting that under your door! Especially if your floor is easily scratched.

Why Are Mice Squeezing Under My Door?

Why Are Mice Squeezing Under My Door

You have something they want

I mentioned it before in this post, but you need to ensure that you do not have anything in your room that attracts mice.

I am talking about crumbs, crusts, bits of random food left on the side. All of these things should be swept up and places in the trash.

They are escaping

Do you have a cat in your home? A cat is an awesome way of keeping mice at bay, but when they get in, the mice need to escape. If your door is closed, it means your cat cannot get in. Mice will see this as an opportunity to escape their predator.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do if mice still keep squeezing under my door?

If you have followed this post and you are STILL getting mice squeezing under your door then it could indicate the gap is much bigger than you think. Are you sure the mouse is getting UNDER the door, and not from another gap? Thoroughly check the room for common mouse entry points.

What kind of mouse trap should I use for mice who squeeze under my door?

As you will be setting your mouse trap in a room I recommend using a humane mouse trap. Avoid using a snap trap. Take a look at some awesome mouse trap options. Specifically the humane options.

The Mice keep coming back, how do I keep them away?

Ensure that you follow a complete mouse control guide. Clean up any food, seal any mouse entry points.

How small should I make the gap to stop Mice from getting under the door?

The problem is that mice can squeeze through a hole the size of a pencil. I recommend that any holes should be smaller than a pencil. Even then, a smaller mouse may be able to get through.


I am confident that the tips on this page will help you if you are looking for ways to stop mice from getting under your door!

It is frustrating and concerning to know that mice can get anywhere in your home!

I recommend that you follow our ultimate guide for getting rid of mice, so you can get rid of them and keep them out for good!

Sleep tight!


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