20+ Interesting Mice Questions Answered

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Have you ever had a question about mice you were afraid to ask?

Well, fear not because, in this post, I will keep answer a bunch of mouse-related questions!

As these questions come up, I will keep on adding them to this page.

If you would like any mouse-related questions answered, please get in touch!

20+ Interesting Mice Questions Answered

Do Mice Attack Humans?

A mouse will not attack a human. They are much more likely to run away than go on the attack. For example, a mouse will bite a human if they are being handled and become scared. If you accidentally put your hand on a mouse, it may bite because it feels immediately threatened.

Can Mice Dig?

Yes, mice are excellent diggers. However, some mice live in burrow systems, which mice have dug out.

Can Mice Drown?

Mice need oxygen to survive. If you submerse a mouse into the water, it will eventually breathe in the water, resulting in the mouse drowning.

Can Mice Be Scared To Death?

Mice can suffer from a stress-related death brought on by extreme fear. So yes, mice can be scared to death.

It is pretty inhumane, though!

Can Mice Freeze To Death?

Yes – mice can freeze to death. During the cold winter, they nest in protected areas and have a coat of fur to help!

Can Mice Have Rabies?

Yes – mice can have rabies. It has to be said that mice are very, very low risk, though. They are more likely to pass on other serious diseases like hantavirus.

Can Mice Get Into Cribs?

Mice can climb a whole host of surfaces! Getting into a crib is no problem for a mouse. While that isn’t great news, the chances of a mouse wanting to go into a crib are very small.

Keep the crib clean, food, and water-free.

Can Mice Live Without Water?

No, mice need water to survive. They can only survive a couple of days without water.

There are better ways to get rid of mice!

Can Mice Eat Nuts?

Yes! Mice eat nuts as part of their diet in the wild. Using nuts to bait mice is a good idea.

Can Mice Play Dead?

Yes – and I have seen this first hand! Because mice are scared of cats, I have one to prowl around my home. I’ve lost count of the times I have seen my cat toying with a mouse. As I watched, I saw the ‘dead’ mouse pawed around like a game. Then, up jumps the mouse to escape. It never does, but it tries.

Can Mice Reproduce By Themselves?

No, mice need a male and a female to reproduce. If one mouse enters your home, it may already be pregnant, so don’t think you only have 1!

Can Mice See Color?

No, mice are colorblind.

Can Mice Turn Into Rats?

No, mice will only stay as mice. They cannot turn into rats.

Can Mice Vomit?

No, mice cannot vomit. It is unclear why they can’t vomit.

Can Mice Walk Upside Down?

Mice can climb over many surfaces. All they need is the ability to grip, and they can walk over it. The only time I have seen a mouse walk upside down is inside a cage where it had cage bars to grip onto.

Mice cannot walk upside down on your roof or ceiling.

Do Mice Have Good Eyesight?

No, mice do not have good eyesight, so they rely heavily on their sense of smell and hearing. Mice can hear better than humans, vital to their continued existence.

When Are Mice Fertile?

Female mice are fertile 6 weeks after being born. The gestation period is around 20 days, so a newborn female mouse can give birth to a litter of her own in approximately 62 days! That is how why mice can breed so quickly.

When Do Mice Squeak?

Mice can start squeaking straight after being born, and it doesn’t stop, either!

When you are most likely to hear mice squeaking, this is after sundown and before sunrise each day.

When Do Mice Give Birth?

Mice give birth around 20 days after becoming pregnant. Female mice are fertile after around 6 weeks, which means a newborn female mouse can give birth in around 62 days.

Do Mice Bleed?

Yes – mice bleed. I have had to clean up many mouse traps that have proved this to be true.

Sometimes, if a mouse is caught in a trap but is not dead, it will be bleeding heavily.

Do Mice Sleep At Night?

Mice are much more likely to sleep during the day and become active at night.

Mice are nocturnal, which means they are asleep during the day and spend the night hunting for food and a nice place to nest!

Do Mice dig In dirt?

Yes – in the wild, mice can live in burrows, usually dug in the dirt.

Mice are excellent diggers.

Do Mice Breed In Winter

Mice do not stop breeding throughout the entire year! It is how they keep up their incredible rate of reproduction.

Winter does not stop mice from reproducing. They need to do something to keep warm, right?

Do Mice Squeak When Dying

Yes – I have had the unfortunate job of humanely killing mice caught in a trap, but they are not quite dead yet. Every time, the mouse has been squeaking loudly.

Can Mice Hear?

Mice have exceptional hearing! Have you ever wondered why owls are extremely quiet when flying? They eat mice and are silent because if they make any sound, the mice will hear them coming.

Can Mice Pee?

Yes – it is a difficult task to clean up mice pee around your home!

Mice pee a lot!


So there you have it! Above, you will notice tons (over 20) questions about mice. I haven’t put a number on it because I want to update this post with a live list of mouse-related questions added when they come up.

If you have any questions you would like an answer to (mouse related), then please get in touch!

Good luck.


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